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Sia McKye–Gemstones for Healing

SiaToday I am hosting one of my favourite bloggers, Sia McKye from SIA MCKYE OVER COFFEE. Sia hosts lots of authors on her blog and I thought it would be fun to host Sia on mine. I particularly asked her to write about gems as she seems to know a lot about them. Having read the article, I am fascinated by what she has written. It is something I am familiar with, in particular having learned T’ai Chi which is basically an exercise in directing and controlling the Chi in your body. The meridian chart is the same as one I was given by my T'ai Chi Sifu (teacher) many years ago.

On her own blog Sia describes herself thus:

I'm married and we have a ranch out beyond the back 40 where I raise kids, Great Danes, horses, cats, and have been known to raise a bit of hell, now and then. I have a good sense of humor and am an observer of life and a bit of a philosopher. I see the nuances--they intrigue me.
She writes contemporary and para romance and loves taking her readers on an adventure. She has also written articles about marketing/promotion, writing and publishing. Sia, I welcome you to my blog today. Thank you for your guest post.


Jo has enjoyed my articles on gemstones and asked me to do a guest article for her on the subject. I’ve written quite a bit on gemstones and their power in April of this year for A-Z blogfest. I decided to do one on the perception of gemstones ability to heal—is there any validity to it?

Since ancient times there has been a fascination for gemstones. The beautiful stones have adorned many military armaments, religious places of worship, clothing, tableware and utensils, clothing and hair ornaments, and jewelry of all sorts. Some stones, like lapis lazuli were ground and used as eye make up. Gemstones have also been used for protection against evil, or to give added power to the body to ward off illnesses.

amethyst_gem(1)In today’s world of modern medicine, the idea of gemstones having healing properties stretches the imagination. Or the idea is laughed at outright. Is there some validity to it?

I’m not an expert and this is a rather simplistic explanation of how gemstones work medicinally.

We live in a universe made up of energy. The earth and even our bodies have an energy signature. Since gemstones are taken from the earth (which, if you want to get technical is one big magnet) their magnetic fields come into play. Even when we don’t see those fields with our naked eye they can be monitored with devices that do see them. All matter resonates on an electromagnetic field and that includes us. That basically means our bodies react to the magnetic fields found in gemstones.

For example, holding a chunk of amethyst quartz (or even standing near it)Quartz(1) is ( capable (theoretically) of increasing the size of your biomagnetic field by 100% within seconds. In theory, at least, it is capable of replenishing lost energy of depressive episodes or even physical harm, or increases your energy levels beyond what they are currently.

Magnetic fields are circular. So if you put a certain gem in someone’s hand (which has a small magnetic field of its own), the body reacts to the electromagnetic field of the gem and it changes the field a bit there in the hand and passes it through the body. The current flows from the hand through the body and back. Changes and reactions are made along the way through the ground structure of our body and in the nervous system. You could say the gem communicates with our body. How, you might ask?

There is ground system of liquid crystal structures in the connective tissue between the cells throughout our body—it determines what enters and exits the cells. There is a communication system in place via chemicals and electrical signatures as a result and those signatures, or currents, react almost immediately to anything that happens to the body. Then there is the independent nervous system, which also uses electronic energy and chemicals to communicate. Our bodies are really like an electrical circuit board.

meridians2The ancient Chinese, for example, believe the body communication is based on physical (yang) and subtle energy (yin). Physical energy is slower to move through the body but subtle energy can move through the body at the speed of light and can both can have an effect on what happens on a cellular level. The Chinese identified twelve meridians within the body. Meridians are merely pathways of negative and positive energy flow (just as magnets have negative and positive, but these are a bit more subtle). These meridians have been measured and mapped by modern technological methods—electronically, thematically, and radioactively. Acupressure and acupuncture are recognized forms of healing, even here in the west. There are certain pressure or puncture points (like over 500 of them) along the meridians that can be used to adjust the body. Each point has its own electrical characteristics. The adjustment is manipulating that unique electrical force.

A good analogy would be comparing the body’s ground structure, meridians, and nervous system to an electronic circuit board. You test it with electronic devices. Those devices can detect altered fields where the flow of electricity is weak, stopped, or not working properly. Adjustments have to be made so the circuit powers correctly whatever it is attached to.

So it is with the body and the premise behind acupressure, acupuncture, and use of gems. Theoretically, placing therapeutic gemstones in contact with the body’s electromagnetic field, one can alter the body’s frequency (the Chinese would call that the Ch'i) and return it to physical, emotional, and mental health.

There is a science to healing with gems, much like the science behind healing with acupuncture and acupressure, or using herbs. The knowledge of any healing takes time to develop, but those skilled in those disciplines know how to use gems (or whatnot) to adjust and heal.

So perhaps those ancient beliefs in the power of gemstones aren’t so far-fetched as they might seem.


And now a Chinese New Year’s dessert as a suitable complement to an article on gems. Because I was too lazy to type out the recipe I already have I went to Egg Wan’s Food Odyssey to copy the recipe. The recipe in The Joy of Wokking is similar, but maybe not quite as rich.

Eight Treasure Rice Pudding

Handful of sugar glazed cherries
Handful of black raisins
Handful of yellow raisins
Handful of sugar lotus seeds (available in Chinese supermarket)
1 dried apricot
2 cups of “round” glutinous rice
100g red bean paste (available in Chinese supermarket)

1 tablespoon sunflower oil
¼ teaspoon salt

Ingredients for sugar syrup:
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon honey
½ cup water

2 tablespoon potato starch water (1/2 teaspoon potato starch with 1 tablespoon water and mix evenly )
Couple drops of rose or any kind of flower essence or syrup, see below.

In some traditional eight treasures rice pudding recipes, it says use “sweet-scented osmanthus sauce” but it’s very difficult to get in UK so I use rose essence to replace it.

  1. Soak round glutinous rice in cold water for 1 hour at least. Cook it in a rice cooker or steamer. Mix the cooked rice with sunflower oil and salt when it’s still hot.
  2. Brush some oil on a medium size bowl and cut the sugar glazed cherry in half. Place the dried fruits and sugar glazed cherries as shown in the photos.
  3. Put half of the cooked glutinous rice in the bowl and press down a little bit then put 100g red bean paste in the middle.
  4. Use a little bit of glutinous rice to cover the red bean paste and place the sugar lotus seeds and sugar glazed cherries around the bowl.
  5. Put all of the glutinous rice in the bowl and press down. Steam for 30 minutes.
  6. Use a small pot to boil all the ingredients for the sugar syrup. Stir in potato starch water to thicken the syrup.
  7. Flip the rice pudding on a plate and brush sugar syrup on top. Ready to serve.
Have a great day


  1. Jo, thank you for asking me to visit! That desert looks scrumptious!

    I'm curious to see what your readers thoughts are when it comes to gemstones and healing. It is a fascinating area of thought.

    1. I think it is a very interesting topic, and thank you so much for writing this for my blog. I am thinking I should get my amethyst out and make sure it touches my skin not just sits in a ring.

    2. They have bowls with different gems to sit in, Jo. One line of thought is to handle different ones during the day. Jewelry is a way of keeping certain stones close to us.

    3. I would imagine sitting in the gems could get a tad uncomfortable. Certainly handling them and keeping them close is a good idea though.

  2. Hi Sia and Jo .. great article - we all come from the earth and from the elements .. so there's logic in my mind that gems will heal. We've just lost our natural instinct to think, take time and interact with all around us ... some people are so intuitive ... it's there - we just mustn't lose that connection ..

    Cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, I'm one who feels that regular contact with the earth is good for us. Even if it's sitting outside with our feet in the dirt and relaxing to the sounds of the birdsong and feeling the wind on our bodies. I'm a barefoot girl.

      You're right, though, we've forgotten the simple things. We get so caught up in life's rat race and popping a pill to heal us. We come from the earth. It makes sense we can also draw strength from it if we take the time.

  3. I agree with your idea that we have lost touch with our natural affinities Hilary. Many doctors and scientists are now beginning to return to some of the original methods touted by the Chinese and others.

  4. Hey, I just read someone's comment where they found you had ended up in the spam folder, I just checked, and lo and behold Hilary, that's where you have been ending up. Not sure if marking lots of your comments Not Spam will work for the future. I will make sure when your comments come through my email, I will check the spam folder.

  5. Sia, fabulous article! I too believe in this power, and how we are all connected to the earth and its mysterious powers and how our body can react to it, especially in a healing way. I love the idea of natural healing first vs. drugs as well. It's better for our bodies, minds and the environment.

    1. I'm a big proponent of natural healing, too.

      Of course before drugs were synthesized doctors used herbs as medicine. And that's a good thing to keep in mind about herbs--they are meds and can be dangerous if not used properly. IMO, herbs work better with our bodies than synthetics.

  6. Sia, your post is quite intriguing. I believe healing can come from a lot of different things. My birthstone is Amethyst but I've never really given it much thought. You've put it in a different light for me.

    Jo, thanks for hosting Sia and your dessert looks yummy especially in this heat we're having.

    Thoughts in Progress

    1. I agree, Mason. To be honest, I never gave much thought to the healing properties of stones. I know many eastern medical practices do work.

      Gems aren't magical (which was the view many years ago) but coming from the earth it makes sense they would have some healing properties.

  7. Terrific article, Sia! You know me an shiny things--anything about gems pulls me in. I actually use gems (and their meanings) in a lot of what I write (i.e. the current WIP is called The Amber Web). I often wear specific stones to draw (or repel) engeries (my favorite is a ring with black tourmaline,to repel negative engery). I keep a chunk of sodalite on my desk, as it's said to be lucky for writers, as well as a chunk of rose quartz (for love) since I write romance. I love having shiny things around me, whether they help or not!

    1. That's interesting Kat, I have several stones with healing reputations but I forget to wear them or have them about me. Jade is one in particular which is supposed to be soothing as well as healing. I have a ring and earrings of that stone. I should find them and wear them.

    2. hey Kat! Yah, I use gems in my writing, too.

      I hadn't heard of sodalite, I'll have to look that up. I knew that black tourmaline repels negative energy and different quartz have all sorts of uses.

      Shiny things are sure pretty to look at and handle. :-)

  8. Fascinating! Another blogger has posted extensively on gemstones and mentioned their healing power. Just something I never really thought about.

    1. Which other blogger Alex?

    2. Gems are fascinating in how they're found so rough looking a dirty and polished to beauty. I've also been fascinated by the perception of how they're considered protection--like in ancient days having certain stones on your sword or built into your doorways or window frames.

      The whole thing just captures my imagination. :-)

  9. Fascinating! You know, speaking of earth power, there is a sorta kinda almost mainstream theory that walking barefoot is really good for you because of how it "grounds" you.

    1. Lisa, when I was taught T'ai Chi we were told to either do our exercises barefoot or to wear special TC shoes which are very thin, in order for the Chi to come from the ground into our bodies. If you practice enough, you can really feel your Chi and feel the source of it from below your feet. One of the reasons many Chinese practice outside.

    2. Lisa, I've heard of and am a proponent of that theory. I'm the first to tell you I'm a barefoot girl. There is nothing quite like standing barefoot and wiggling your toes into the dirt and watch the sun come up or my favorite time is in the gloaming of the day. The sun the earth it's all good for you.

  10. What an interesting article packed with marvelous facts and information. Thanks for sharing. If I ever have gemstone questions, I know who to come to.

    1. Lolol! Well, like I said above, I'm not an expert by any means but I do have a questing mind and a need to know. :-)

  11. Interesting. I've read about the healing powers of gemstones, but didn't know much about the theory behind it before!

    1. There is quite a science behind it Eagle. Just as with any eastern or natural healer practices, there is usually thousands of years behind the methods. But for every legitimate practioner you have the quacks and what I call the mumbo jumbo types looking to just make money. So it's good to practice to be careful and do your research.

  12. Thank you to all that came and enjoyed the article. I appreciated your thoughts as well.

    Jo, thank you for inviting me to be a guest and all the kind words you said. I do appreciate you and all my cyber friends.

    1. I was delighted to see you here Sia and thanks for writing such a great post. I hope some of you will visit me again, I have enjoyed seeing you all.

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