Friday, March 1, 2019

March 1, Doctor Visit, Cell Phone, Shopping,

Happy March. Only a couple of months til Asparagus season. Hooray.

Thursday we went downstairs to meet our ride, turns out he lives in the building just below us. I took my walker with me as I knew that the section of the hospital we were visiting had lots of loooong corridors and I would probably need to sit. Waited quite a long time before seeing the doctor. Nice woman, she explained a lot to me about how UTI's can happen and why. However, she seemed under the impression that I had had a lot of them. Until after my hospital visit, I haven't had one in years. In the end she said she would write to family doc and make some suggestions.

Once out of her office, I took out my cell phone and promptly threw it on the floor (no, not on purpose). Grrrrrr. mine is a flip phone; the battery cover came off and the battery was on the floor. I put everything back together but it wouldn't work. I poked my head into an office and they helped me phone the driver. Later, when I got home, I phoned my provider and she told me to press, and hold down, the end button. Lo and behold the phone started working again. Phew.

We left to go shopping, and picked up groceries from the store (where I needed my cell to phone the department) and then went to the liquor store although I did agree not to drink at all on Feb 29 and 30th. I was out of fizz. That will never do.

One thing occurred to me Thursday night. Crumpets are also great fried in bacon fat. Not a diet food I know, but......

Forgot to mention that Wednesday night, on Nova, they had an excellent documentary on the origins of man and just how we became the dominant species. One statement they made was that our DNA is similar throughout the world with a few minor differences no matter the colour of our skin.

Decided to play with my Instapot again on Thursday night so I got some chicken drumsticks out, thought there were 6 but only 5. Just as well, all my cooker would take to sauté. I have written up what I did and posted it below.

Jo's Drumsticks

5 drumsticks
1/2 Tbs garlic salt
1/2 Tbs paprika
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups stock or mix of stock and white wine
4 Tbs crême fraîche or cream and lemon juice
1 Tbs Dijon mustard
1 tsp cornstarch
1  tsp water

1. Turn Instapot onto Sauté - meanwhile dust drumsticks in the spices listed at the top. Sauté legs turning regularly until brown. Add 2 cups liquid (my pot insists on a minimum of 2 cups. You can add less depending on your model pot)  also sliced onions and garlic. Cancel sauté, close lid and cook on Poultry (if you have that setting) or on steam for 12 minutes. Vent your Instapot. Then open and remove chicken legs keeping them warm in the oven. Turn pot back onto sauté and allow to bubble add cream and Dijon. Mix in well. Reduce until sauce has thickened slight. I needed to add cornstarch

2. Serve chicken drumsticks.. on plates and pour sauce over them

3. I also cooked some cauliflower in the pot whilst the stock was boiling.

Author: Jo

Author Notes
My pot only takes 5 drumsticks at once.

Have a great day


  1. Convenient the driver lives in the building.
    They still make flip phones?

    1. Isn't it Alex?

      Yes, for people like me who don't really need a cell phone.

  2. Haha on the flip phone. My husband had a slider for literally years! Glad all went well at the drs, minus the cell phone falling. Hope today goes as well. What luck to have the driver so close!

    1. Well it's cheap, makes phone calls and that's about all I want. Yes I thought I had really done for the cell phone. Actually just 'cos t he drive lives here, doesn't mean I will get him regularly.

      Just had a great meal at Mandarin.