Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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Sorry everyone, but it looks like I have to go back to Comment Moderation and stay there. I got even more Spam after I had put the Moderation back on. What do these idiots gain from this?

Had a good long chat with the Alzheimer Spouses group today. None of my original Alz. friends were there, I need to contact them to see if things are OK.

We, well I, just watched a movie called Sister Kenney with Rosalind Russell. It was absolutely fascinating. A true story about Sister Elizabeth Kenney who was an Australian Nurse and who, almost accidentally discovered how to treat Infant Paralysis or Polio as it was later known. Originally she was a "bush" nurse, i.e. working very much on her own in places without medical services. She was called to a child in severe pain, she cabled a doctor who said they knew little about it and told her to use her judgement. She did and ended up helping 6 children to become mobile once more. One doctor believed her, however, the head orthopedic doctor said the children hadn't had Polio. It eventually took her 35 years to convince the Australians, the English and the North Americans that her treatment was valid. Basically, they had to believe her because of all the children who were walking without braces or any kind of supports. Wonderful story. Wonderful woman.

Hopefully I will be able to get a few asparagus spears at the end of the week. The weather is slightly warmer and the little trees (see the picture above) outside my bedroom window are finally blossoming.

I finally got round to getting out the lamb's kidneys that I had in the freezer. Discovered I had enough for two meals in fact. I have been putting it off because I hate having to cut them in half and then remove the core. It is such a fiddly job. However, I did today and we both thoroughly enjoyed our Devilled Kidneys.

Devilled Kidneys

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbs prepared English mustard (Coleman's or Keen's in Canada)
1 Tbs lemon juice
1 Tbs tomato purée
pinch of cayenne pepper
salt and ground black pepper
2 Tbs butter
1 shallot, finely chopped
8 lamb's kidneys, skinned, halved and cored
1 Tbs chopped fresh parsley to garnish

1. Mix the first 6 ingredients together (including salt and pepper) to make a sauce.

2. Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the chopped shallot and cook stirring occasionally, until it is softened but not coloured.

3. Stir the kidney halves into the shallots in the pan and cook  over medium high heat for about 3 mins on each side.

4. Pour the sauce over the kidneys and quickly stir so that they become evenly coated. Serve immediately sprinkled with fresh parsley.

Servings: 4

Note: To remove the cores from the kidneys use sharp kitchen scissors rather than a knife. Much easier.

Source: The Ultimate Hot and Spicy Cookbook

Author Notes
"Devilled" dishes are always hot and spicy. If you have time, mix the spicy ingredients together in advance to give the flavours time to mingle.

Have a great day, stay well, stay safe.


  1. Sister Kenney definitely falls into the unsung hero class. I will have to investigate further. Thank you.
    sigh at the spam bots. They seem to come in waves.
    Kidney? Bleah. Even before I become a vegetarian I had trouble with offal (probably after I was served the same piece of liver for four consetuctive meals in an attempt (vain) to get me to eat it.

    1. She certainly was an unsung hero Sue. You should, the film was excellent but of course they don't always get everything right. They certainly came in waves this time.
      I know a lot of people don't like offal Sue, I never liked liver either until I came across a Portuguese recipe which I love. That was a bit stupid serving the same piece four times.

  2. Hi Jo - glad you had a chat with the Alzheimer people; love devilled kidneys, actually kidneys of any sort ... take care - Hilary

    1. Yes, it was a good chat Hilary. Me too, I love kidneys and was thinking about getting some beef kidney to make steak and kidney, haven't made it in a while.

  3. The view from your bedroom window looks quite delightful, Jo. I expect that you will soon have swains singing their plaintive sings from below, trying to lure you down, or having you toss out a knotted sheet for them to climb. Better not serve them lamb's kidneys, however. Hardly seems like an aphrodisiac! Late yesterday afternoon, after a lovely walk at Hillside Park, accompanied by Yellow-rumped Warblers and Baltimore Orioles, we came home and had a gin and tonic on the deck, following which Miriam made one of her world class pizzas, which went down well. No kidneys on this one, in fact no meat at all. I suppose it could have been called pizza primavera. I shopped at three different locations yesterday and will have lox and cream cheese on a bagel, sprinkled with a few capers for lunch. Life is very difficult as you see but I am determined to hold up my end and soldier on!

    1. Any swains who want to do all that would do better trying to get to the balcony. I love lamb's kidneys. Sounds like you had a good day yesterday. I feel sorry for you David, having to put up with so much hardship. I always have smoked salmon at the weekends with my fizz at lunchtimes.

  4. I’m Glad you had a good time with the Alzheimer’s group and I hope you find out how your other regulars you have been talking to are ok. With everything that has been going on, I’m certain some have been negatively affected unfortunately. This is one film I have not seen yet and want to...sounds excellent! The kidney meal sounds like something you could torture me with..hahaaa

    1. Yes we chatted from 10:30 til noon Birgit, and yes, I have to email my other friends. I think it's possible. Do see it, wonderful story.

      If I wanted to torture you with kidneys, I could also throw in some asparagus LOL

  5. No kidneys for me thank you. Ugh! Just the thought gives me the willies. Speaking of willies, too bad about the spammers. Why can't they just get a life! Even with this virus my phone is still busy blocking robo-callers.
    Beautiful day here. Spent two hours in tbe garden and I am beat. Did you see the news about the dam that was breached in Midland Mi? Scary days with the weather.

    1. Yum, yum.

      I know Denise, it tees me off no end.

      Beautiful day here although a little chilly still. No I didn't hear that, it is scary.