Friday, May 22, 2020

Phone Consultation, Shopping, Nail Polish, Mail,

Well, I had a long talk with the geriatric doctor this morning although it wasn't 90 minutes by any manner of means. I think she may be able to arrange a little help for me, but of course the the C-19 business, not much will happen at the moment anyway. She has decided to try Matt on an anti depressant to see how that works for him, although, by the end of the day, no prescription had arrived. I will phone her team tomorrow morning. Apparently the girl who is phoning me on Tuesday morning is some kind of therapist, I am not quite clear, but she too may be able to arrange to help Matt. We will see what happens. Ladydog suggested I should make notes before I talked to the doctor, good idea, it was useful

Then, it was lunchtime so I threw a sandwich together for Matt and some noodles for me as I knew I had to go out and I was expecting a couple of deliveries later on, Avon and blister packs. I headed out to the liquor store, I realised I had forgotten about the bird droppings on the car so, as I had a coupon for the car wash, I went and got the car all nice and shiny again. I was heading for the bakery where I get my 7 grain buns and passed near where my pharmacy had moved to so decided to go visit them. On the way out, I picked up some nail polish and some disposable masks which I can carry in my purse if I need them at any time.

Haven't worn nail polish in a while, but I have been  taking Biotene for maybe 18 months and it seems to be finally paying off. I actually had to cut my nails a week or so ago, I haven't had to do that in a long time so I decided it was time to paint them again.

I then went to get my buns and headed back home with all my goodies. Later my Avon lady delivered my lipsticks (ordered them a while back) and I forgot to take keys for the mail box, duuh, I am awaiting two important things, a new Visa for me and a permanent parking accessibility plate for Matt, he has a temporary one at the moment. We don't need it because I have one, but if we need to travel with someone else, it is useful.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the asparagus farm in the afternoon, I believe they have some available although I gather not that much. One meal would be good.

Asparagus and Jalapeños Cornbread Muffins

3 Tbs coconut oil
1/3 cup apple sauce or reduced/cooked peaches
1 large egg
1/4 cup of pure maple syrup
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup cornmeal
1 cup gf flour (Bobs Red Mill)
1/2 tsp baking soda
Sea salt and pepper
1 red chili/ jalapeños, diced
1 bunch of asparagus, chopped BUT save tops for garnish.

Preheat oven to 350°F and coat muffin tin with coconut oil. Mix all wet ingredients together with peppers and asparagus. Mix dry ingredients together thoroughly and slowly incorporate into wet batter. Pour into muffin tins approx. 1/4 full. Finish with aspara-tops. Bake for 15/20 minutes until golden.

Author Notes
Good for up to 4 days fresh OR freeze for a couple weeks. Great with a fried egg, with preserves or what we did at home is use for sloppy Joe’s using Walter All Natural, Craft Caesar Mix.

Have a great day, stay well, stay safe.


  1. I do hope the promised support comes through. Soon.
    No nail polish here. Or lipstick. Or indeed any make-up. I find the fifteen year old me who wouldn't go to the letter box without a 'full face on' is a very long way away.
    I hope the asparagus is there for you tomorrow. Probably nearly as much as you hope it.

    1. Me too Sue, just discovered another friend has a PSW for his wife, why not us? I always wear lipstick, as much for dry lips as anything. Nails not so much as they have been cracking badly in recent years. Been taking Biotene and it seems to have helped.

  2. Hi Jo - glad you were able to have a chat ... and obviously feeling well enough to get out to a few places. Enjoy getting the asparagus today - ours is finally in the shops ... I still just eat it plain with butter or mayonnaise ... but I do love it. Take care - and hope the help helps - stay safe - Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary, I think it should produce results. Yes, I should have enough asparagus to pickle some as well.

  3. I was getting ready to go to the garden center yesterday and realized I did not need to put on any lipstick since I would be wearing a mask. Mask, sunglasses, and a cap on my head, I look like a bank robber.

    Hope Matt gets some help.

    1. I will probably wear a mask to the farm today Denise as they are all doing so there. No hat, and my glasses darken on their own.

      Oh so do I.

  4. My word, Jo, you are going to paint your nails and wear lipstick? I think that Kitchener has a femme fatale in the making! You will be stepping out in style! Soon you will be announcing a new wardrobe, thigh-slit skirts perhaps. You will be the temptress of the building and other women will hiss at you as you sashay by, while their husbands drool! Maybe some of them do anyway so perhaps their wives won't notice! Glad to hear that the conversation with the doctor went well and looks like there are positive steps ahead.

    1. You have a vivid imagination David, I always wear lipstick, and used to always wear nail polish until my nails went to pot. I live in pants these days, no split skirts.

      I do hope so.

  5. That's the sad thing - so many medical issues are just being put on hold and people are suffering for it. My newphew's wife's father needed work on his heart in March but they held off because of this mess. Sadly, he died two weeks ago of a heart attack.

    1. That's awful Diane. I would have thought work on his heart would have been considered essential surgery. If I were that family I would be protesting loud and clear. I am thinking of contacting my vascular surgeon at least. Nothing much they can do with my back, but my legs they should be able to do something with. cut them off maybe LOL