Tuesday, November 26, 2019

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Bowling wasn't baaad, but it wasn't good either. One consolation, my average stayed the same. Matt said he bowled so badly he was probably going to quit. Says that a lot. Last week he beat me hollow. 

Decided to do two small grocery orders this week (so there is a points offer if you spend $100, typical) anyway, we collected today's contribution but, annoyingly, didn't get the cold cuts Matt eats for lunch. The young lady I spoke to apologized but it wasn't really her fault. It was another person's. However, Wednesday I should be meeting up with some of  the Alzheimer Group, hopefully, so said I would pick it up then.

I have another peeve which I could have mentioned yesterday, 91 Thanksgiving Recipes, 45 Thanksgiving Desserts, etc. etc. Who on earth do they think has the time to plough through that many recipes. It's somewhat boring anyway. I have usually had it by about 5. 

As long as I can remember, I have heard about the movie Goodbye Mr. Chips. but I had never seen it. Actually it was made the year after I was born. Tonight I saw it on TCM and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great movie. I am sure Birgit of BB Creations knows the movie and agrees with me. I only knew two of the actors, Greer Garson and John Mills who played a very young man. I hadn't realised John Mills was that old, I have seen him in many movies and we both love to see him in our DVD of Cats where he plays Gus the Theatre Cat, brilliantly I may say. I was in tears once or twice and especially at the end of Goodbye Mr. Chips. Now I would like to see it again. Not sure whether Matt enjoyed it or not.

I would love to try these, they would be idea for me, crispy base with smoked salmon and caviar. What could be more delicious. Only problem I don't have a waffle iron.

Tater Tot Waffles with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Jen Pelka of The Riddler in San Francisco makes supercrunchy and delicious waffles using Tater
Tots. Here she tops the waffles with caviar and smoked salmon, creating a delicious and decadent dish that’s ideal with Champagne.

Nonstick cooking spray
8 cups thawed frozen Tater Tots (32 ounces)
Flaky sea salt
6 Tbs crème fraîche
12 thin slices smoked salmon
Dill sprigs,
caviar and fresh lemon juice, for serving

1. Heat an 8-inch waffle iron; preheat the oven to 200°. Grease the waffle iron with nonstick spray. Spread 2 cups of the tots on it; sprinkle with salt. Close and cook on medium high until nearly crisp, about 5 minutes. Open the waffle iron and fill in any holes in the waffle with more tots, then close and cook until golden and crispy, 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to a baking sheet; keep warm in the oven. Repeat with the remaining tots.

2. Top each warm waffle with 1 1/2 tablespoons of crème fraîche, 3 slices of smoked salmon, a few small sprigs of dill, a dollop of caviar and a squeeze of lemon juice. Serve immediately.

Yield: Four 8-inch waffles

Author: Jen Pelka

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  1. I hardly ever stray from the typical foods at Thanksgiving either. I suppsoe I am a traditionalist.

    Hopefully, Matt changes his mind about bowling. And hopefully, your game gets better.

    1. I would think so Liz. Of course our Thanksgiving came and went in October.

      He will, he should have forgotten by now. And thanks, so do I.

  2. Replies
    1. I agree Damy, just wish I had a waffle iron. Not worth getting one just for this though.

  3. Hey Jo! Sorry you have to go bakc.
    Tater Tot Waffles!!! I've made those many times.
    Even did video on it. They come out great.
    Fun to eat, too. Great with local down the road, maple syrup.
    Recipes don't bother me but I don't hunt online.
    And I read mostly British magazines.

    1. I might have known you would have made Tater Tot waffles Ivy. They appeal to me as they are crispy I believe. I hunt online if I am looking for a specific way to cook something, particularly for Instant Pot recipes. I don't read magazines of any kind.

    2. They were really wonderful. And also, many hash brown waffles. But now that I think of it, no video for the hash brown waffles. I go to the book shoppe and there I read lots of UK food magazines. I don't look online for recipes or formulas. I find most sites have too many adverts and cookies and I'm just not into that. Plus, I like to sit with my herbal tea and flip through. And, I don't have to buy them. Though, I did recently buy a very nice UK magazine and back in the day I bought alllll the BBC GoodFood ones.

    3. Each to their own I guess. But you are more of a foodie than I am anyway Ivy.

  4. I've never seen that movie though I've always heard it was good. I couldn't read through that many recipes either.

    1. I enjoyed it very much Susan. Yes, ridiculous quantity of recipes.