Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine’s and Snow

On Friday Matt had to go out for a couple of things and when he came home guess what he got me?

Valentine Roses

What a gorgeous colour, I know, not the traditional red, but I don’t particularly like the traditional colour anyway, these are lavender roses. Apparently when Matt was in the store the other day they had some gorgeous carnations but they had sold out when he went back. These are lovely though and I was delighted to receive them. Funnily enough they had a segment on Good Morning America about saving money by buying flowers in a supermarket and then arranging them, etc. The presenter then listed a whole bunch of gadgets you would need, shears, strippers, etc. etc. all of which would have cost another $30 or so then there were ways of presenting them, some in various containers which would have cost, or in bottles and cans which had to be spray painted, so you had to buy the paint, right?

I’ll tell you one thing, Mother Nature has definitely decided she was too kind to us in January and has been making up for it since. We had lots of snow last night and it is stillX Country snowing on and off this morning. The snow banks are beginning to look like normal winter conditions round here, I just wish we were fit enough to go cross country skiing like we used to, its so much fun and also a very healthy pursuit. Matt used to come home from a night shift, years ago, and then go out skiing once I had gone to work. He spent hours one morning chasing fox tracks but never did find it. I really miss being able to ski. I think all our pix are on slides, I really must get them put onto a CD. I have discovered our local store will do them for a few cents per slide, i.e. a whole CD with 200 slides would cost around $24. Not a bad deal. I tried scanning a slide myself, but the picture came out way too dark, insufficient light in my scanner I suppose.

Here’s a nice, simple recipe for a Valentine drink.

Champagne Love Shots

Champagne Love Shots

Servings: 1



2 tablespoons fruit purée (raspberry, passion fruit, blood orange, peach, pomegranate)


Spoon the puree into a champagne flute and pour champagne on top. How easy is that!

Have a great weekend



  1. This is a favourite way of mine of drinking champagne, called a Kir Royale here. As for the roses - hold on to Matt, he sounds a treasure.

  2. Kir Royale is with Cassis surely, I like to drink that occasionally. I had never heard of drinking champers with fruit juices before, well at least not without some kind of liqueur added.