Friday, February 25, 2011

Funny Plane, Travel League

Kulula Airlines, South Africa’s favourite low cost airline, have just announced their new plane. I hope you can enlarge these pictures, the comments written on the plane are very funny. This is the same airline whic is sending a herd of cows to Catherine Middleton as lobola (SA bride gift).kulula_flying_101_01_thumb


As I told you the other day, we went to the Crock and Block for lunch, I had Curried Chicken Soup which was very good and a turkey sandwich (specials) however, the bread for the sandwich was unpalatable. I couldn’t make up my mind if it was stale or just something I didn’t enjoy. Matt had the same sandwich and he agreed later it wasn’t very fresh. Several people had fish and chips which they said was very good, I tried a few chips which were certainly excellent. We then went to the bowling alley where I proceeded to demonstrate that I didn’t know how to play. Doesn’t bode well for my tournament on Saturday.

Sorry no recipe, bit of an emergency this morning. All over. However, I will not be going to my tournament tomorrow.


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