Friday, May 31, 2019


I am getting a little tired of this. I have now lost my tooth and beginning to feel the pain from the extraction, however, I also have a cough. Bought some cough medicine yesterday and I think the cough has become worse since. Wonder what else can go wrong. I had Ensure for lunch and plan on coldish scrambled eggs for supper. I just ate a mashed banana, not bad actually. I have some jello puddings too which I guess are OK.

Figured out what was wrong with my stuffed peppers, apart from the possibility of the peppers being overripe, I also hadn't followed the recipe and used too much meat to rice. Duuh. Did the recipe once and then figured I didn't need to read it again.

I have my baby (desktop) back again, but it is already gone 11, been updating everything I could and more to do tomorrow so, sorry, once again no recipe. Will try and get everything up to scratch tomorrow. I don't seem to have any medical appointments at all - something must have gone wrong. We make up for it on Monday and Tuesday though. Ah well, a brief break.

Have a great day


  1. Good luck Jo .. and I hope things ease for you. No rush re being here - your health is more important. All the best and have a peaceful weekend .. cheers Hilary

    1. Won't ease much yet Hilary, got medical appointments coming up. It should be a quiet weekend though. Extraction sites seems to be doing well.