Saturday, May 25, 2019


Tonight my laptop is working so I am taking advantage. I hate being without a proper working computer.

I haven't mentioned that I have just received my Alert Alarm or whatever it's called. I plugged it in and tested it. Works fine. Only works at home, the ones that work everywhere are just too damned expensive. This is quite a small button necklace. It is waterproof which I hadn't realised although it makes sense. More slips and falls in bathrooms.

Today, Friday, I received my ceramic nonstick insert for my Instant Pot. Not used it yet. Next week I guess. I will make some mac and cheese just to try it out.

I also went to the asparagus farm to stock up - what a difference, a day or two ago we were getting short stubby asparagus, now I have long fat spears. Funny really, was planning to use my Instant Pot to cook salmon but I have a recipe to cook it in tinfoil with asparagus and I had to jog  my mind - no dishes to wash. duuh. I am so keen to use my Pot. Forgot to mention that I did a spaghetti dish on Thursday and was delighted with the results.  First time I have tried cooking spaghetti in my Pot.

Not heard anything from my computer guy so I guess a week is what it will be. Don't know if it is the power unit or not. On the way back from the asparagus farm, I dropped into Best Buy because I need a universal cord to connect my TV to my VCR. They don't sell them in store but they do on line!!!!  Seems daft to me, but I suppose VCRs are considered obsolete. However, if you have lots of tapes and, these days, DVDs what are you supposed to do, chuck them out?

By the way, as though I don't have enough health issues, I am starting something, a cold, bronchitis, cough, not sure. I don't have colds. AdmittedlyI had one last year after my stint in hospital but I hadn't had one in 40 years before that and I don't intend to get them now, except I apparently have something starting.

As an avid Jeopardy watcher, I am enjoying James Holzhauer who just hit his $2 million on Friday night. He had to fight for his seat on Thursday, one guy got really close to beating him. I wonder how long he will maintain his championship seat?

Have a great weekend

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