Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day, Dentist, PC,

We watched the Memorial Day Concert from Washington last night. I couldn't believe it was 74 years since D-Day or June 6. There were actually a couple of guys there who had been part of D-Day, didn't say how old they were, but they must have been in their 90s I guess. I was 6 when that happened. I found the whole show reduced me to tears in places, especially when they played TAPS. One part that really struck home, they were representing a woman who lost her husband, and said don't just say 'if you need help but call me', we won't do it, but come along with a meal, a helping hand, something and you will forever be appreciated. This is so very true. In a different scenario, my friend ladydog and another close friend of ours, really helped us both when I was sick last year. I didn't have to ask them and I can never really repay them. So, for you in the States, remember, if you know anyone who needs help, do what you can because they won't ask you for that help. For us in Canada and the UK we commemorate our veterans on November 11, Armistice Day.

Re my toothache, which I mentioned, I have been putting up with a lot of pain, intermittently, with some long gaps between bouts of agony! Coincidentally, the dentist called the other day and said they hadn't seen me for a while which kind of forced me into making an appointment. Sorry but I hate dentistry and guess I am a big coward. I decided to get a ride as I don't know what they will do, drill or extract, probably extract I think. Of course there is quite a walk from the parking area to the dentist's office, my luck it will probably be raining, which is one of my excuses for not going recently because I just couldn't have walked it, really! Mind you, Sunday being my champagne day, my toothache disappeared after a few sips.

I still don't have my PC back - but then he is moving and I don't suppose his wife would be too happy if he just disappeared on her. I know I wouldn't. However, tonight my laptop is working, it seems to be doing so intermittently too. Makes it a little bit difficult to select my groceries but I will post Monday evening so I do hope I can do so on this machine.

So, Happy Memorial Day to all my American readers, who come to think of it, probably won't be reading my blog today..

Have a great day


  1. Hah! I am up early and reading your blog. It is supposed to be a nice day with no rain until this evening. How bad is the weather here? No one was shooting off fireworks yesterday. I have standing water all over the side garden. Enough already.
    As for the dentist, I have spent a small fortune in my mouth. But both my parents had dentures and I swore that would never happen to me. New methods have lessened pain and discomfort, but I do know lots of folks who hate going.

    1. Well, I do hope you don't have any more rain. Flooding is no fun.

      Even we spend a fair amount on dentistry. Have pretty good insurance, but it still leaves a lot for us to pay.

    2. I have no dental insurance. Cheaper to just pay when I need something done.

    3. Just went, they took an Xray, definitely needs pullinng, but I am on blood thinners so have to check with doc. 2 days I think.