Sunday, May 19, 2019


Have a great day


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    1. 'Bout the same Alex. This was a kind of joke as I always have a couple of glasses of fizz on a Sunday and my stalkers are checking up on me LOL

  2. Yes, and this stalker was wondering why you were posting on Sunday, lol. My legs get achy when I drink wine and never could do it regularly. Besides, I had to mow the lawn this morning before the next rainstorm.

    1. Just for fun Denise. Well I don't open my fizz until 11, about now in fact. So there would have been time to do the lawn. However, if you can't drink wine, that doesn't help. Fizz is one of the great pleasures in life. I always remember a very rich man in London, Nubai Gulbenkian, (sp) saying it was easy to diet if you could do so on champagne and caviar. Not that he was thin by any manner of means.