Friday, May 17, 2019

Driving License, Urologist's, Asparagus Farm,

Didn't  mean to write a blog today, but ... had a bit of a scare this morning. Checked yesterday's mail and found our insurance for the car. Went to put it in my wallet and realised I still had the temporary license which I had been given last September and never received the proper license. The temporary one expired last December meaning I have been basically driving without a license for 5 months. No idea what would have happened if I had been stopped. Luckily the Service Ontario office is just round the corner from us so I went haring to the office and was somewhat miffed to have to pay $35 because I hadn't renewed it before it expired. Apparently I should now get my license by August 15 (my mother's birthday) and I was warned that if it hadn't arrived by the beginning of August I should go into the office again otherwise I would be shelling out another $35. Tees me off though, wasn't my fault. Apparently it was mailed to me before and it wasn't returned to them so who knows what happened to it.

After lunch we went to the urologist who has just moved into new offices. Somewhat further away than the old ones. Nice place though, although they are not yet settled in. Huge reception area and the consulting rooms are much bigger, the urologist was delighted with the space he now has. Also, very important, parking is free. Turns out Matt's kidney stone is still there so it has been arranged that he will go have the thing "blasted" in June unless it decides to leave him before then. I had to use the bathroom on the way out, quite luxurious.

As the doctor's was about half way there, I decided to go on to the asparagus farm. I got a $10 bag (just over 2 lbs) and a couple of $5 bags which I thought some of my friends might like. I was right, they did. We had some for supper together with the coconut shrimp I bought at the local market store. One friend is a rhubarb nut too but it wasn't all that great yet. Maybe next time.

This looks pretty yummy. Don't remember ever trying it, must do so.

Tuscan Roast Asparagus

Asparagus and tomatoes seasoned with salt and pepper and roasted to perfection with a topping of
melted parmesan cheese.

1 1/2 lbs asparagus, trimmed
1 Tbs oil
1 Tbs lemon juice
1 tsp lemon zest
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp oregano (or Italian seasoning)
1 large tomato, sliced thinly
1/2 cup parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), grated

Toss the asparagus and tomatoes in the oil, lemon juice and zest, salt and pepper, place the asparagus on a baking sheet in a single layer with the slices of tomato on top, sprinkle on the parmesan and roast in a preheated 400F/200C oven until they start to caramelize, about 15-20 minutes, mixing half way through.

Servings: 4

Author: Kevin
Source: Closet Cooking

Author Notes
Option: Drizzle with balsamic vinegar or toss in balsamic vinaigrette.

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  1. Hi Jo - gosh that was lucky you got the licence sorted out (sorry you got an English 'c' ... not your 's' ...!!). Glad decision has been made re Matt ... let's hope it resolves itself ... though lasering/blasting is a great addition to the alternative.

    The asparagus does sound good - while that recipe looks delicious ... cheers Hilary

    1. It was lucky. If I had been pulled over for something I dread to think what would have happened. Having lived here so long I no longer remember what is English spelling and what is American. Technically, in Canada, we use English spelling, but many don't. I even had some asparagus for breakfast Hilary, along with hard boiled eggs done in the Instant Pot

  2. Is the stone in the kidney tract? Or in the kidney? Is the stone giving him problems? I have several stones in both kidneys and on a painful occasion one will pass. Ugh! Hope he is okay. (one more thing for him to complain about)

    1. Dunno Denise. However, the doc seemed to think blasting it was a good idea if it hadn't passed by then. Don't forget we don't have to pay for it. He doesn't really register about the kidney stone I think. Tried to explain. He is more worried about the pain in his leg although he will not do the icy/hot treatment.

  3. Typical bureaucracy and always after money. I bet they forgot and you were dropped from the mailing list somehow. At least you can mark it on your calendar if this happens again.if it does, I would wonder if someone can get to your mail? Kidney stones are beyond painful so I hope all works out well for Matt.

    1. Tees one off doesn't it Birgit? Doubt anyone could get to our mail unless the mail man goofed. Yup, poor Matt.