Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tuesday, New Book.

Not much to say tonight, got my shopping this afternoon and I swear a number of things got lost in transmission. I know I ordered them but somehow they didn't get through. Either I'm going daft or the computer is. Will have to get them later.

Have booked to have my tooth removed on Thursday, managed to get a ride, I may be being silly, but don't fancy driving under the influence of drugs. Better safe than sorry. Been to this dentist 3 times (multiple visits per year) and each time there has been a different dentist.

Reading an excellent book called Leaves of Fall, recommended by Susan Gourley Kelleyof Susan Says - the book is by Patricial Lynne. I'm not sure if it is classified YF, but it is a fascinating concept where the trees got fed up with us and started a war. It's even dangerous picking berries, or vegetables. See what Susan has to say. I haven't got far but I am enjoying it.

Have a great day


  1. I thought the dentist just numbed the area for the extraction. He's not putting you under is he? So, are you getting a bridge or an implant?

    1. You are right Denise, however, it is, for me, a bit of a walk to the parking area so I need my walker which the driver can deal with much faster and more easily than I can plus I won't feel like driivng anyway. Being lazy I guess.