Friday, November 4, 2011

Coffee Maker, Reading, Cheques and Movie.

Horrors, my coffee maker went on the fritz. I drink coffee (decaf) all day long and cannot do without my coffee maker. In the end we went and picked one up Coffee Makerwhich happened to be on special this week from Canadian Tire (they sell all kinds of stuff as well as tires) it was another Black and Decker. I realised they had a warranty web site and eventually I phoned them; it turned out that my previous coffee maker is still under warranty so they will be sending me a new one. I had an old one as a spare, but it took hours to brew a pot, so we threw it out, now I will have a new spare. Thanks Black and Decker, great service.

I am currently reading, on my Kindle, the first bookThe Unsuspecting Mage in The Morcyth Saga by Brian S. Pratt. It is appallingly written but, nevertheless a good story. It is called The Unsuspecting Mage. It jumps POVs from paragraph to paragraph and sometime in the same paragraph. It is good enough that I have ordered the next book as I have nearly finished this one. I have just realised I got the first one for nothing, and there appear to be quite a few more of them. It appears I am not the only one to enjoy reading this book. There are many mistakes too some of which make me suspect it is typed by a voice programme such as Dragon Dictate, for instance do was typed as due which is the way the word is spoken in the States.

My printable cheques arrived yesterday too, so I printed all the rent cheques. For some unknown reason, my main printer would not print them although my second printer did – not frantically well, guess I need practice but that won’t happen as I am only going to use them for rent cheques which I make out once a year. In the end, it turns out that my Quicken programme on the desktop will not talk to my printer, but the same programme on the laptop works fine.

Last night I watched Starman with Jeff Bridges, seen it before, it’s a bit of a tear jerker. I love it. Think I might buy it to have for future watching.

I promised a recipe for Scotch Eggs. I have been making these for almost as long as I can remember, my mother before me. They are a very popular item for cocktail parties or any other place where finger foods are the order of the day. They can of course be used as hors d’oeuvres. I personally love them and usually eat too many. They are actually best whilst still hot, but usually you are not making them just for yourself. Why these are called Scotch Eggs I have no idea.

Scotch Eggs

8 Hard boiled eggsScotch Eggs
1 lb sausage meat

Divide the sausage into 8 pieces. Put some flour on a plate and plenty of breadcrumbs on a second plate. Try and make sure your hands are clean and cool, you may need to rinse and dry them as you work. Roll one egg in flour then flatten out a piece of sausage and place the egg in the centre. Gently work the sausage meat until it completely surrounds the egg making sure there are no gaps or thin areas. Using one hand, coat the sausage in breadcrumbs rolling it around until all areas are well breaded and set aside, now you probably need to rinse your hand. Do this for the rest of the eggs. You then heat up oil (a Fry Daddy works really well for this) don’t let the oil get too hot of the sausage will crack. Fry the eggs in the sausage until the meat and crumbs are a golden brown and the meat is cooked. Lay on paper towels to drain and cool. To serve you can either halve or quarter the eggs.

Have a great day


  1. Yay for the new coffee-maker and the spare! But boo to people who publish books without having them edited. Poor presentation can ruin a good story.

  2. Yeah, but oddly enough I have got hold of the second one and there are quite a few more at Amazon. It really is an enjoyable story despite the dreadful presentation. If you have an ereader, Satima, even on your PC, you can get the first one for free and you will see what I mean.