Wednesday, June 3, 2020

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I was sticking something, a Mandolin actually, with Krazy Glue the other day and somehow squirted it all over my fingers. Even two days later I still have some on my hands. However, I said to Matt, I wonder if you leave finger prints when you have glue all over your fingers. Useful for bank robbers etc. then I found out, I tried to access my cell phone and it would not recognise my finger at all, presumably it couldn't see any finger print. So, my question was answered. I think I will take up bank robbery. With lots of Krazy Clue of course.

This morning Matt had a second visit from a PSW and this time she was making an assessment. We have had assessments made by all kinds of people lately, why the hell don't they all exchange their computer notes? Waste of time as far as I can tell. She gave me a copy of the notes on paper and I couldn't read them anyway. One thing, she did manage to get Matt into the shower which was something of a miracle. Talk about confusion, he keeps talking about stripping down nekked, but he can't remember that she was female. Bearing in mind the size of her boobs, I am surprised he doesn't remember.

I was a bit teed off this afternoon, Matt drinks gin and tonic. He has, on several occasions, drunk vodka and tonic, but I had to go get him some gin today. The traffic was horrific. What happened to lockdown?

This morning I started making the brine for my asparagus. This afternoon I prepared the Mason jars, well three of them, and went through the whole process of pickling and canning. I managed to put up three large jars. Gotta do more, but if I use the rest of the asparagus I have, I won't have any to eat now and that would be serious. I hadn't realised that three Mason jars takes about 2 3/4 lbs of asparagus. I know there is space left in the jars, but I can't seem to fill them. Would be better with large mouth jars, but I'm not going to buy them at the moment.

I know most of you will be delighted to know I did Devilled Kidneys for supper. That's the last I have in the freezer so will have to ask Victoria St. Market to get me some more. You guys who don't eat kidneys don't know what you are missing.

It occurs to me some of you might like the recipe I use for canning/pickling my asparagus. Of course the sterilization part was from the internet. I actually don't use dill. My choice.

Pickled Asparagus

This method of sterilising jars in the microwave is a good quick trick to have up your sleeve.  Particularly if you find that you’ve used up all of your jars that you sterilised in the oven and still have jam/pickle/preserve waiting to be jarred!  Just don’t put metal lids or jars with metal clasps in your microwave – that would be very bad!

If you’re recycling old jars, make sure you’ve removed any label that might have had any kind of metallic paint/ink on it too.

Now that we’ve gotten the safety stuff out of the way, the quickest way to sterilise jars in the microwave is just to wash your jar in hot soapy water, and rinse as before.  Then place your wet jar in the microwave on full power for about 45 seconds (or until bone dry), and fill whilst the jar is still hot.

If you’re in a proverbial pickle and need to sterilise metal lids quickly, even just washing them in warm soapy water then placing in a bowl of boiling water while you microwave your jars quickly is probably sufficient.

5 lbs of Ontario asparagus
For each jar
1/2 clove Garlic
1 tsp Dill seed
1 tsp Mustard Seed
6 Peppercorns
8 Cups water
2½ cups White vinegar
3 Tbs Pickling salt
½ cup sugar

1. Using 5 lbs of Ontario asparagus, wash well and soak in ice water while you are preparing the 6 pint jars. Place 1/2 clove of garlic, 1 tsp dill seed, 1 tsp mustard seed, and 6 peppercorns in the bottom of each jar. Place asparagus, tips up in jar. Bring 8 cups water, 2-1/2 cups white vinegar, 3 tbsp pickling salt, 1/2 cup white sugar to a boil and pour over asparagus. Process in hot bath for 5 to 6 minutes.

2. The most common method for testing jars is the Finger Test Method. Simply press on the middle of the jar lid with your finger. If the lid “pops” up and down with your finger when you press, it’s not sealed and needs to be reprocessed. If it doesn’t move at all it’s sealed.

 Source: Tim Barrie's Mom

Author Notes
Don't waste tender ends. Can them also for bite size treats

Have a great day, stay well, stay safe.


  1. HOW I wish that medical professionals would exchange notes. And damn well read them IF they do.
    I had an MRI this morning (not my favourite test). Last night they rang me to say it was going to be a contrast test and that I needed to fast. This morning when I arrived I was told they didn't know whether it was to be a contrast test and they would have to ring the prescribing doctor. Telling them of last night's call had no effect. So they rang the doctor. Contrast test. And as a side note they butchered my arm administering the die. A self respecting junkie would have done better.
    Yay for the asparagus. Bleah on the kidneys.

    1. You are so right Sue, none of them seem to exchange notes and even in hospitals one floor doesn't seem to know the information provided to another floor. So annoying when they butcher your arm like that, mostly I have been pretty lucky.

      LOL, the kidneys were delicious.

  2. I had never had pickled asparagus until about four years ago when a friend brought some to a pot luck pool party we both attended, with prosciutto and cheese wrapped around it. It can be bought in the store, of course, but I am sure that home made is superior. We used to do quite a bit of canning, mostly beets, baby corn and icicle pickles, but have't done so in the last three years. I used to make salsa too - two batches, one hot and spicy and a mild version for the less adventurous.

    1. I do a lot of pickling David, both for long term storage which involves a water bath, and some for the fridge to eat within a week or so. Never thought of wrapping prosciutto and cheese round the pickle, done it with fresh asparagus.

  3. Krazy glue, sunglasses and a mask, you are all set for your next career. I am surprised that the doctors allow Matt to still drink alcohol with his Alzheimer's and the fact that you said he was now on an anti-depressant.

    1. What a good idea Denise. I asked the doc about the gin and she said it was OK, he only has one drink and at the most 2. I have taken him off the anti depressant he was getting more confused. Yes, the doctor has been informed.

  4. If there starts to be a string of bank robberies in Canada, I know nothing...
    We're mostly open here and traffic is thick again.

    1. LOL Alex. Especially if people talk about hearing the sound of beating wings.

      Traffic is pretty thick here, I honestly don't know what's open and what isn't, except for hairdressers, still closed.

  5. I do like asparagus, and this will come in handy next time I see it on sale. Thanks, Jo! Go easy on that glue, now. :)

    1. At this time of the year David, asparagus is fundamental dragon food LOL. Only the fingers to disguise.

  6. I about lost it on the boobs comment!

    1. LOL Diane, well, she was well endowed.