Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day, Judge Scalia, Unpacking, Stress Test,

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day. We kind of celebrated on Saturday when I made Steak Diane for supper. An old recipe, but a favourite one. Sunday we finished off the Shrimp Creole from Friday. However, most of our time, at the moment, is focused on gradually putting our home back together. We now have all our switch plates back on the walls, outlet plates too, not sure what they are called. We also cleaned all the silver which, in this home takes a lot of effort. The silk flowers with which I decorate the living/dining room are back in place once more. Some of the pictures are back on the walls. It is beginning to look like home. Next we have to concentrate on laundering stuff or just putting things (like shoes) in the dryer. As well as unpacking glasses and ornaments. I might say we have found a few dead bodies (bed bugs I mean) around the place as well as the odd Asian Lady Bug. I am still not prepared to say we are totally in the clear. I feel that would be challenging the fates. I still itch, but I think/hope I am still being plagued by old bites.

Once again I am knackered. We unpacked three plastic storage boxes and one large garbage bag and of course had to put all the stuff back where it lived. If I were still a youngster, this would be no problem. Sadly I'm not. I am missing a lid from a piece of china. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where it got to either. Must be the Borrowers (it's a book) - in the States I had a small lamb which had a sign saying "I love ewe" which Matt gave me - I still had it when we left NC but I haven't seen it since.

A lot on the news about Supreme Court Judge Scalia's death today (Sunday) someone I personally have never heard of. I guess his replacement is going to cause a lot of political upheaval according to the pundits on Good Morning America.

Today, Monday, is Family Day here which means no bowling for our league. Matt and I will be bowling on Tuesday afternoon instead.

I now have an appointment for my nuclear stress test. My biggest problem, it turns out I am not
allowed to drink coffee for three days. Nor am I allowed to take Tylenol 3. In fact nothing which contains caffeine. I didn't even know Tylenol 3 had caffeine in it. My appointment is on Thursday with a second on on Friday but I have to stop the caffeine on Wednesday. I can, apparently, take Tylenol Extra Strength so I will have to go get some. Luckily I drink decaf coffee so maybe it won't be so bad, maybe.

This recipe came up on Yummly and I thought it looked delicious. When I followed it to it's source I found it was actually from Pinch of Yum I think this would be really good with cauliflower too.

5 Ingredient Coconut Curry

serves: 3-4

1 can coconut milk
2 tablespoons red curry paste
2 small heads broccoli (and/or other veggies of choice)
1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
½ tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoons cold water
optional: minced garlic or onion

Sauté broccoli (and onion/garlic if you're using it) in a tablespoon of oil. After a few minutes, add the coconut milk and let simmer for 5-8 minutes. The broccoli should soften but still be tender-crisp.
Add the curry paste to the pan and whisk it until it combines with the coconut milk. Add the chickpeas.
Bring to a slight boil and add the cornstarch. Boil for about a minute, then reduce heat and let cool slightly. Sauce will thicken as the mixture cools.
Have a great day


  1. Oh yeah, a big political fight over the judges replacement. Politicians can't get it done, ever! Blowhards all of them!
    Sounds like home is finally getting back to being home again. I hope that means the little buggers are gone, gone, gone!
    Take care of you - I hate nuclear stress tests!

    1. That's politicians for you. We thought it was getting back to normal but unfortunately I am getting bitten again. I think we might have brought one in from the stuff we had packed out on our balcony. I hate those tests too Yolanda.

  2. That was interesting that you have to be without caffeine for 3 days for the test; good that you can at least have decaf coffee; I would imagine a lot of people might get caffeine withdrawal headaches if they tend to drink a lot of caffeine in their coffee or soda.

    Sounds like a lot of work with the bed bug problem; hoping this will be the end of it for you both!

    It will be interesting about the judge appointment with the Supreme Court. Will have to see how that all plays out.


    1. Nope Betty, I can't even drink decaf. It isn't totally without caffeine either unfortunately.

      It is a lot of work and not much done yet. This morning I have ended up with at least half a dozen bites so we have stopped for the while. Being a holiday one can't get in touch with anyone.

      Seems very inconvenient of him dying in an election year!!!

  3. I drink enough caffeinated coffee that I don't even want to know what my withdrawals would be like. Good luck with that, and fingers crossed that you ARE in the clear.

    Also, I love a good coconut curry, but never thought about putting chickpeas in there. I'm going to have to try that. Sounds wonderful.

    1. Thanks Bryan and I'm hoping that as I drink decaf it won't be so bad.

      Never had a coconut curry, always been the more straightforward chicken curries as made in India, or other meats of course along with raitas, dahls, rice etc. etc.

  4. I hope this is the end of the pest problem. I'm not so old, and I cringe at how much work would be involved if we brought home those nasty buggers.

    Sneeze around here anymore and it will cause political unrest.

    1. Unfortunately no Liz. I have been bitten a few times in the last 24 hours.

      I guess it will. I have a cartoon for tomorrow.

  5. I, for one, am celebrating that Scalia is dead. He is a horrible man and tried to put women's healthcare back in the dark ages. Glad he's gone.

    Happy to hear your house is back together again. Fingers crossed that the pest issue is solved at last!!!!

    1. Interesting JoJo. I didn't know the man but there has been so much in praise of him on the news.

      Sadly, it doesn't seem to be after all.

  6. I'm not celebrating anyone's death. The issue is that the court shouldn't be a life-long job. Term limits are needed.
    Hope your pests are dead though. Little buggers.

    1. I would think so Susan but don't know anything about it or about him.

      I wish they definitely were

  7. I hope this does the trick with the dreaded bedbugs. How horrible for you and your husband. I am so glad we have this holiday because we needed one in between New Years and Easter. I heard about this guy dying..oh well:)

    1. It's been miserable Birgit, but it doesn't seem to have ended after all.

      Well of course, our league doesn't bowl on Family Day so I am NOT in favour LOL.

  8. Steak Diane was the first proper meal I ever cooked for anyone. I loved the sauce. I don't know how I'd go without caffeine for three days. I'd definitely get a withdrawal headache. After three days you'd have it out of your system and could give it up if you wanted. But why would you want to? Good luck with it all.

    1. I think it's a very classy dish Pinky. Always been a favourite. As I said, might not be too bad with being a decaf drinker. No reason to give it up anyway. Thanks for the good wishes.