Friday, June 7, 2013

Pillow, Prince Philip, Duchess of Cambridge.

Woo hoo I’ve got my CPAP pillow. The insurance company say they ColorCodedPillow678x696will pay for it. The minute they confirmed it we rushed out to get me one. Not the same as the one I showed in a picture before, but the principle is the same. I also picked up a full mask (nose and mouth) whilst I was there. Good thing to have for a cold or any nasal problem. I think I might find it more comfortable anyway, they fitted me for it at the store and it felt good. At the time of writing I haven’t tried it but I will be doing so tonight. I then tried on of my pillowcases on it and it doesn’t work because it stretches across where the mask is supposed to go. Thought I would order a pillow case from the maker but they want to charge me $20 shipping for a $15 pillow case!!! Guess I will get one sent to friends in the States. The Pillow is not coloured like this by the way.

I see Prince Philip is going in to hospital for exploratory Britain Commonwealth Dayabdominal surgery. They say he will be there for a couple of weeks or so. At 91 that is pretty major stuff I would think. I hope he pulls through it all OK. Talking of hospitals, I haven’t seen it anywhere but I assume the Duchess of Cambridge will be going into hospital to have her baby. That is something which will take place very soon. She didn't look very pregnant in the recent pictures I saw of her though. But she is, of course, very slim. All Royal watchers are pretty hyped up at the moment I would imagine.

Got a good recipe in my email inbox today which I thought I would share with you.

Shrimp and Asparagus Skewers

Makes 6 skewers, easily doubled

Note: Keep the shells on shrimp for the barbecue, as they protect the meat from overcooking too quickly, and also hold in all of the tasty juices. I like to serve these skewers with a mint aïoli. With an easy hand blender method, it’s a cinch to make.

12 asparagus spears, the fatter the better
18 large uncooked shrimp, with the shells on
2 eggs, at room temperature
2 lemons
1 clove garlic
1 tsp Dijon mustard
scant 1 cup olive oil
1 small handful fresh mint
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

  1. Bring a pan of salted water to a boil. Meanwhile, cut the bottom 2 inches (5 cm) from each asparagus spear, as the ends can often be a bit tough. Cut each spear into two finger-length pieces.
  2. Boil the spears for just 2 minutes, then drain. Plunge into cold water to stop the cooking, then drain again.*
  3. Thread 3 shrimp and 4 pieces of asparagus onto 6 metal skewers. Cover and chill in the fridge until needed.
  4. To make the aïoli, separate the eggs (see page 61) and put the yolks into a tall pitcher. Squeeze 1 lemon and roughly chop the garlic. Add the garlic, mustard, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and the oil to the yolks.* *
  5. Put an immersion blender to the very bottom of the pitcher, then start it running. Pull the blender very slowly from the bottom of the pitcher. As you bring the blender nearer the top of the pitcher, the mayonnaise will thicken dramatically and you will feel a suction puling under the blades. Add more lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. If the mayonnaise is a bit thick but tastes lemony enough, add a splash of water and blend again. This can be made a few days in advance and kept well chilled, if you like.
  6. Before you begin cooking, check that your charcoal is glowing white hot, or your gas grill is preheated to 400ºF. Season the skewers with salt and pepper, then grill for 2-3 minutes on each side, or until the asparagus is slightly charred and the shrimp are pink all over. Quickly chop the mint and add to the mayonnaise. Cut the remaining lemon into wedges to garnish. Serve immediately with the mint aïoli.
*Why pre-cook? Without a little pre-cooking, the asparagus would take far longer then the shrimp to cook on the grill. It also makes it easier to poke the skewers through the asparagus.
* * Gently crack the shell against the side of the bowl. Slowly pull the shell apart as cleanly as possible along the crack, tipping the yolk into one half of the shell. Let the white drain away into a bowl below. Drop the yolk into another small bowl. Or use a plastic bottle as shown in the video on my previous blog.

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  1. I'm betting my hubby would love those shrimp and asparagus skewers! I need to look at what that pillow is for. Is that also to help with breathing?

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. No Shannon it is only to allow a CPAP mask room at night to prevent the pillow from shifting the mask and causing air to leak out of it. It may help breathing too, it is supposed to be a contoured pillow. Check it out at

  2. Congrat's on your new pillow, so glad insurance stepped up. But a pillow case that costs that much to ship. Reminds me of the flowers I sent mom for mother's day. I thought I had a bargain until the shippng costs were added,(which did not show until the email confirmation) won't order online again. I'll call a local flower company, I complained to the company and they sent me a twenty dollar gift card, but can't use it, cause I won't order from them again. The shipping cost more than the flowers, talk about a rip off.
    Have a peaceful night!

    1. I order lots of stuff online, but one does have to be careful about the shipping costs all the time. Of course they were shipping across the border which I guess they figured cost them more, not sure why. In the end ordered it sent to a friend in NC and that only cost $4.99 but I won't get the case until September.

  3. Your asparagus recipes have excited me. I am off to the farmer's market tomorrow morning to see what they are selling.

    1. I am glad you are going to the market rather than the store. I know the farm where I buy specialises in picking asparagus and selling it without the woody ends so what you buy is all edible. I hope you can find a similar product.

  4. It's a pillowcase - no way it's so heavy they have to charge that much to ship it!

    1. My sentiments exactly. However, I have found a source closer to home thank goodness.

  5. Oh! I didn't know they made CPAP pillows! Is that the same as the machine? Or makes the machine easier to use somehow?

    1. Not the machine but the mask, the gaps in the side prevent the pillow from interfering with the mask. If you go to there is a video which will show you how they work.

  6. Hi Jo .. hoping the pillow does the job ... Prince Philip seemed fine at the Garden Party .. he walks quite happily - let's hope all will be well. As for the baby - I don't even know when it's meant to be due .. but she did look tiny on the Commemoration Day ..

    Love asparagus and must get some more before the season is past .. cheers Hilary

    1. After one night it certainly seems to be good.

      I hope all will be well with the prince too. I thought that the Duchess looked very un pregnant at the Commemoration too, but I understood it was due in July.

      Asparagus is so good for you.

  7. I didn't know there were CPAP pillows. I know people on the machines but not pillows.
    That recipe sounds good. Asparagus season is pretty much done here. Keep this in mind for next year.

    1. Our asparagus season usually ends on July 1 when the farmer, Tim Barrie, celebrates Canada Day with an Asparagus Festivus, never been but does sound like fun.

      I have written more about these pillows for my blog for Saturday.

  8. Good luck with all the attachments to the machine. If if helps you sleep better at night. . . . Could the recipe be used for appetizers? A little bite of asparagus speared on a shrimp?

  9. Thanks.

    Don't see why not. You would just have to try it.