Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Wednesday. Rambling.

I don’t have a whole hell of a lot to write about today. Bowling, yesterday, was a fiasco once again. Matt had one good game but I just can’t get going at all. I blame the change of venue and my apparent inability to adjust. I do hope I can adjust for the winter league. I would hate to carry on as poorly as I am doing right now.

Once again I forgot our appointment with the foot nurse yesterday so we have to go early this morning. That’s twice I’ve done that. It may be something to do with the fact that Matt goes shopping first thing in the morning, then we bowl at 1 and somehow I forget there is anything else. I could kick myself. The nurse phoned – she gets worried in case something has happened to one or both of us which makes me feel worse for forgetting. Yes, I do have it written down on my calendar. Just being particularly dumb at the moment.

I spent a lot of time yesterday morning sitting on the phone waiting to speak to people and getting somewhat fed up with the whole business. That too might have contributed to my forgetfulness. Forgot to blow any raspberries today either, I’ll never be able to play a didgeridoo.

This afternoon we take our final trip to Barrie’s Asparagus FarmPickled Asparagus. The store is open all year you understand, but Monday is the last day for asparagus. They sell all kinds of products made with asparagus, as well as other things, some of which they grow, some of which other farms grow and they trade with. I think I will get myself another jar of pickled asparagus whilst I am there, I do like the stuff and as I said, I couldn’t see going to all the effort of making my own. I want to make some more Asparagus/Almond Soup too. If you check out the link above, you can see some of the many products they sell.

An English recipe for those delectable strawberries.

Zesty Strawberries with Cointreaustrawberries w cointreau

By Good Food


Make the most of the fresh taste of British strawberries with this simple recipe. In season from the end of May
  • 500g strawberries, hulled halved or quartered, depending on size
  • 3 tbsp Cointreau
  • zest 1 orange
  • 4 tbsp icing sugar
  • mint leaves, roughly torn, to serve


  1. Tip the strawberries into a large bowl. Splash over the Cointreau, add the orange zest and sift in the icing sugar, then give everything a really good mix. Cover, then leave for 1 hr or more for the juices to become syrupy and the strawberries to soak up some of the alcohol.
  2. To serve, scatter the mint leaves over the strawberries and give them one more good stir, then spoon into individual glass dishes.
Have a great day


  1. Wishing you luck and improvement in the bowling Jo.

    I'm sure its as simple as you've got so much going on in your mind/life right now? Perhaps you need to take a mini-break and regroup!

    1. You could well be right Sue. I should step back a bit.

  2. I think it's lovely the nurse is concerned enough to call. Hope you are feeling more balanced soon. Forgetfulness is understandable, I do the same, if I don't keep an eye on my calendar. Too much going on sometimes.
    Although now I feel a little cabin feverish, due to the high temps and humidity, missing my daily walk. Even at 6:00 AM the humidity is too high. Strains the heart.

    1. The trouble is, I have decided, that I am supposed to keep my feet up off the ground as much as possible. So I use my laptop in the living room. However, for years I have been printing a couple of months' calendar and putting on my desk in front of my desktop, only now, I don't see it so often. That's my story anyway. We had a couple of hot and humid days, but now it looks as though we are going to have 100% humidity for the next week.

  3. I think we all experience occasional episode of "mental fog". There's always another day. Perhaps a bowl of the delightful berries would help.

    1. Actually I think asparagus is better for memory than berries. I'll take both with pleasure.

  4. Those strawberries look enticing. Reminders? I've taken to setting alarms on my tablet for the "extra" reminder. Doesn't help much when I ignore it though.

    1. We had berries for supper tonight, no Cointreau though. I don't usually have trouble with remembering appointments.