Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blogs, Royal Baby?

I have to apologise to all my blogging friends, I really haven’t had much chance to check on their blogs in the last few days. I am on vacation after all.

Something I have been reading down here is the report that Kathryn Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant. I am not sure how true this is as the only places I have seen it are in the ‘rags’, but somehow they get hold of stories which no-one else seems to have come across so as far as I am concerned the report is not confirmed. I understood they were waiting until the question of inheritance was settled, i.e. whether a first born female can inherit the crown instead of a male born afterwards. This is being voted on by several nations and I haven’t heard it has yet been ratified. I understand the Cambridge’s are in Singapore at the moment. It has also been mentioned on GMA today.

We sat on the pier for a while yesterday afternoon but Matt had camera problems so wanted to read his book of words. He has such a complicated camera!!! Not like mine which is a simple digital, point and shoot. 004

No, I realised the date of my camera was wrong, but not til after I took pictures from the pier.

Bad news from Libya this morning, an American ambassador killed in a riot. Early to know a lot about it.

Got caught up in a birthday party last night, came home stuffed to the gills having eaten way too much. Pix tomorrow. No recipe for now. Sorry.

Have a great day



  1. With a view like that, just enjoy your vacation!

    1. I am. Having fun with friends here. Going 10 pin bowling today.

  2. Jo, I'm so glad you're having fun! The beaches are so beautiful there. I love the Atlantic.

    Eat and be merry and don't worry about anything else. That's what vacations are for.



    1. So do I of course, and I am certainly doing lots of eating, dread the thought of getting on the scales LOL.

      Lots of seafood.