Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Party, Problems,

I missed a blog oMy Birthdayr two, sorry about that. Tuesday night we were entertained to dinner by some friends who made a big do of it as they cannot join us on Friday when we are going to a restaurant for my birthday dinner. We ended up our meal of lasagne, Italian sausages, fresh corn, and salad withBirthday Glass an ice cream cake which was rich with chocolate and caramel and totally delicious. Then they produced some presents one for me one for Matt as he is never here for his birthday and one for both of us. Mine was a hand painted birthday wine glass. Matt’s gift was a book of 100 years and our joint present was a 4 litre box of Black Box multi prize winning Cabernet Sauvignon which we have since opened and is a very good tasting wine. Our hostess had a birthday this month and I had previously given her some crystal earrings. These two are always so very good to us when we come down here. By the way, today is my actual birthday, all sing Happy Birthday now.

Wednesday we met up with the same friends at MacDaddy’s to have lunch and then go bowling. One of their daughters manages the place. Of course its 10 pin which is not our game, but we have fun anyway. I started off with gutter balls but eventually started scoring. Matt even won the first game. In case you don’t remember, Mac Daddy’s is a huge entertainment centre which includes two bowling alley – it is all part of a big complex which has a miniature golf course, batting cages, golf driving range, go karts, etc. etc.

Thursday morning I was awakened by an almighty crash. Turned out Matt Bogue3had been leaving by the back door to check in the shed for a plunger as the toilet had got plugged up and as he opened the door, a cupboard, maybe one should call it a wine cooler, had collapsed, the wheels had come off the front feet. Luckily the coffee pot, the toaster oven, and the electric fry pan didn’t tall on the floor. We had two bottles of wine in the slots too but they were OK as well. I actually found the plunger in the back of a bathroom cupboard so we were able to fix the toilet, but obviously we had to call maintenance about the wine rack. I don’t think anyone has been about the leaking dishwasher yet, I should start running it when the maintenance people get here. Doing well this year aren’t we?

Well it turns out they put a new gasket on the dishwasher door the other day , and the guy came in and removed all four wheels from the wine table thingy. So now its usable again. Meanwhile we went to Beaufort which is a small town quite a way from here and we sat and watched all the yachts, Matt likes to select a new one every year.

Tonight we go to Floyd’s for dinner and several friends are joining us for my birthday celebration. Haven’t had time to sort out a recipe so that’s it from me today.

Have a great day


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you didn't lose the wine in the crash.

    1. Thanks Alex. So were we I can assure you.

    2. Happy belated birthday Jo.

      Sorry to have missed the post earlier ... Mother in Law (aged 94) fell yesterday and broke her shoulder and right hip so we've been busy booking flights home (horrendously expensive at short notice) and shutting up the house early, sorting out bill payments etc. Flying home early Sunday morning ....

    3. Thanks Sue. So sorry to hear about your mother in law and your rush home. Hope all will be well.