Monday, September 13, 2010


9 am to 6:30 pm. Kitchener to Winchester VA, not bad travelling. We stopped for lunch in New York state. As we joined Hiway 190 leaving the customs at Buffalo I saw a whole bunch of buffalo at the sides of the road, not real ones, but they look pretty impressive. I have seen them before but had forgotten them. I would love to take a pic but they are only in one place so I won’t see them again this year.

Something I forgot to mention before, the other day we saw a  truck line called Fluke. different name we thought. Then on the back of the truck we saw “If it arrives on time, its a FLUKE” – good one.

We were batting along quite merrily and suddenly a heron took off from the side of the road, he only just missed us. Scary for us I don’t know about the heron. I also saw a tiny Bambi at the side of the road, no sign of its mother. Hope it didn’t get run over.

Well now its Monday, we got here last night. Quite a big place but I couldn’t find the barbecue. Phoned the realtor who were all at home so left a message. Later spoke to the owner who said he had hidden it under the deck and it was only a small one. Considering we need to feed around 8 tomorrow that might be a problem.

Not only that, Igor is following us – Hurricane Igor that is!!!

One thing I have been thinking about in the last two days. North Americans need to learn how to cook baked potatoes properly. They always wrap them in foil so the skins come out all soggy. The proper way, in my opinion of course, is to prick a  wet (washed) potato with a fork, salt the skin well and then cook it in the oven as is. Everything will come out perfectly and the skin will be nice and crispy and edible – after all the best nutrients are in the skin.

Anyway, I am on vacation so talk to you all later.

Have a great day,


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