Friday, September 17, 2010

Smuggling Tigers, How We Spent Our Day

Tiger Cub As most of you know, the smuggling of wildlife, any kind of wildlife, really upsets me, and this latest is even more upsetting – a poor little 2 month old tiger stuffed into a suitcase. Authorities at Bangkok  Airport made the discovery – go to to read the rest of the story and see some more pictures.

Yesterday was a bitty one for us. We had lunch at the Dock House inGazingouttoSea Beaufort which is one of our favourite places around here. You sit almost right on the boardwalk and can enjoy the sea breezes whilst lunching. We had the specials which was a soft shell crab sandwich for me and a Mahi Mahi po’ boy sandwich for Matt. A side for Matt was fried beans. That’s a new one on us. They were a bit like fried onion rings. We then headed out to Marshallberg which is a delightful spot and one can sit and gaze out to sea (well the sound really) and watch the pelicans either just sitting around on posts or diving for fish. Last year there were Ospreys as well but not yesterday. We did see a Cormorant and lots of gulls. I have never figured out the different type of gulls and for some reason I am not interested. No pix as I didn’t take any and Matt’s camera isn’t digital. This is one from last year.

After Marshallberg we headed home stopping at various stores. I got us a mattress cover from K-Mart and then a cable for the printer from Wal-Mart – I was so pleased with the price of the printer, this pushed it up another $15. So much for saving money. Also got myself some more pills which were definitely cheaper than at home.

Hope you have a great day