Monday, September 27, 2010

Saturday and on the way home

What a day – it started out reasonably well, we exchanged anniversary cards and had breakfast. Then did a few packing type things and washed a few items. Finally our friends came to collect us at 11:30 and they gave us a card and a couple of nice bottles of wine – then we headed off to The Country Squire which is at least 1 1/2 hrs drive, didn’t actually time it. I was not too comfortable in the back of their SUV sitting with my legs tucked up for all that time. We finally arrived at the restaurant only to discover, first no cars in the parking lot and secondly the one day of the week they do not serve lunch is Saturday. We asked where else there was, I think our friends were thinking of staying for an early dinner at 4:30 but we had to get back and start packing plus, having diabetes, I cannot wait all that time to eat. As it was I had had a couple of cookies before we set off. The owner, a Scotswoman, who has been in North America 2 years more than we have, directed us to a couple of places including one she talked of as a fish restaurant. This is where we ended up – what a dump! They did have some fried fish and fried shrimp, not bad not good, fried chicken, pretty awful, vegetables which had been cooked for at least a week and a reasonable salad bar. It was all buffet style. However, by this time I was starving so I ate. Not exactly the food of which Anniversaries are made. We then drove 1 1/2 hrs back home, our friends dropped us off and for some reason I was so exhausted I dropped asleep. My feet felt as though I had walked there and back. The evening was basically leftovers and packing with a few games of cribbage thrown in. Happy Anniversary!!!

One thing which puzzled us, there were thousands of motorbikes on the road being led in style by escorts of cops – never did find out what that was about. We also saw lots of new roads and bypasses they have built since we left NC, most impressive.

Yesterday we ended up being a bit late leaving as I decided to do a bit more wash so we have very little to do when we get home. We then did the trip from NC to Winchester, VA, in pretty quick time and ended up at the hotel around 4:30. Not very prepossessing supper at Perkins and had a hand or two of cards then went to lie on our rock hard beds!!!

Today we head home to Canada and our own nice little bed. More tomorrow I hope. Nothing much more at this point to say.

Have a great day



  1. It does not matter how pleasant a holiday was, it's always nice to get back home, isn't it Jo?

  2. Very true Marilyn, but I must admit I am already wishing I had another holiday coming up. Almost feel as if I haven't been away.