Thursday, September 16, 2010

Presents and Bowling

Here’s a picture of my new earrings, as I promised yesterday.Earrings 001

The ones on the left are sapphires and opals, the ones on the right are freshwater pearls and aquamarines. None are the colours one normally associates with these stones, but of course all stones come in many colours, something that a lot of people don’t realise.

10 pin ball Yesterday we went 10 pin bowling as we did last year. We went to MacDaddy’s and met a friend for lunch, then we bowled. As it turned out Mac, who is the owner, was there and we chatted to him too. Matt won one game, our friend won the other two, and poor little me didn’t even make a 100. I did exactly the same as last year and ripped my thumbnail off, this time it didn’t bleed but was damned painful. Maybe next year I will remember to cut the nail right back 5 pin ball beforehand. It really is incredible the difference between 5 pin and 10 pin. Not just the size of the ball – like 3 lbs to 9 lbs for me – heavier for the guys – but also the method of throwing which I do find Pretty difficult as the ball is so heavy and we only play once a year LOL. If you compare the two pictures you can see the difference in the sizes of the balls in the first place. Plus the delivery method is quite different and not easy to adjust from one game to another.

No recipe today, I wasn’t sure I would be blogging at all.


  1. Your vacation sounds Fun Jo. Love the earrings! Ouch on the nail!!!! Enjoy. Muriel

  2. Yes we are having fun, but the thumb nail still hurts