Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest L. Diane Wolfe

Today I am delighted to have a guest blogger - L. Diane Wolfe – thank you so much for your contribution to my blog. Although not a vegan myself I can sympathise with this point of view. I don’t know if some of the products mentioned in the recipe are available other than in the US but I have no doubt other countries have similar products if you are interested in trying the recipe.  

wolfeProfessional Speaker & Author

Known as “Spunk On A Stick,” Wolfe is a member of the NSA and a motivational speaker. “Overcoming Obstacles With SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting”, ties all of her goal-setting and leadership seminar’s information together into one complete, enthusiastic package. She also conducts seminars on book publishing and promoting, and assists writers through her author services. Her YA series, The Circle of Friends, features morally grounded, positive stories that appeal to both teens and concerned parents. Wolfe travels extensively for media interviews and speaking engagements, maintains a dozen websites & blogs, and contributes to several other sites and newsletters. She is also a professional photographer and has supplied all the pictures for this blog with the exception of the Cheetah.

For the Love of Animals

Where I live in Eastern NC, I’m something of an anomaly. I’m a vegetarian. More specifically, I’m a vegan.

I’m often asked questions. I learned long ago not to get into a debate, so my attitude is this is just what I do and who I am now. I’m not radical about it. I just live my life. Why would I or anyone else choose to be a vegetarian? There are hundreds of reasons, including health, environment, and resources. My reasons include all of those things, but it began with one thing - a love of animals.

We’ve always had pets and I’m sure that’s what spurred my love for animals. We had fish, hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs, and even chickens. I was drawn to cats because of their agility and power. (I used to add grace, but after years of owning cats, I’d like to debunk the rumor that they are graceful.) My love of cats included the big cats - incredible predators and beauty in motion.

It’s not just cats that are beautiful though. I believe all animals possess increible qualities and features. I’ve spent half of my life as a professional photographer and animals are a favorite subject. Through the ability to freeze the action and get in close, I can focus on that beauty.

The gorgeous texture of alligator skin.

The striking colors and delicate legs of web weaver spiders.
The soft fuzz on a moth.
The myriad of colors represented in black fur in sunlight.
The long eyelashes on a horse. 
The playfulness of a cow.
The raw energy and muscle of a running animal. Cheetah

All of these things represent a living, breathing creature, designed with divine perfection. What I see is a beautiful miracle, one with a purpose beyond our consumption.

I’m not a vegan just because it’s healthier or better for the environment. I’m a vegan because I love animals.

And for those of you who would like to try a dish free of all animal products:

Tortilla Pie

Chop into small chunks and boil in water:
3-4 small, peeled potatoes
Chop and sauté-
1 small onion
Remove from heat and place in bowl. Dice and add-
8 oz. tomato sauce (can add a little salsa for zest)
Salt and pepper to taste
Chili pepper to taste
Drain potatoes, add to mix along with:
1 cup Boca or Morningstar Farms fake beef crumbles

Layer tortilla chips in 8x8 or slightly larger dish, covering the bottom. Add layer of mixture. Sprinkle Galaxy Foods shredded cheddar cheese over mix. Continue layering until mix is gone.

Bake at 375°F for 25 minutes.

Serve with extra chips and enjoy!

Have a great day


  1. Watching animals like a cheetah run is amazing. At the San Diego Zoo Animal Park they have a cheetah run and people can sit up close and personal to watch him run. Truly amazing creature!

    1. I once went into a pen with a load of young cheetahs. Wonderful animals. They were being socialised at a local animal park.

  2. Thank you, Jo, for hosting Diane. Thanks, Diane, for sharing your perspective on this. I'd not thought about it along these lines.

    1. Its always interesting to read what other's think about veganism - makes you rethink your own position.

  3. Replies
    1. I am especially fond of the moth.

  4. I love those animal pictures. Especially the close-up of the horse!

    1. They are lovely pix aren't they?

  5. Diane, I learned a long time ago: Let people be who they are. They make their own choices based on what they believe--that's okay. You like/love them regardless.

    I do love animals and always have. My love didn't put me on your path and that's okay, I respect your path. Love pictures!

    I have quite a few friends who are vegetarians,but only couple who are vegan. It makes cookouts and dinners a bit a challenge but in the course of entertaining I've learned some great recipes. My vegan is still a bit weak, so I'll add this one to my cookbook!


  6. Karen, I love them so I can't eat them.

    Alex and Johanna, glad you like the photos.

    Sia, I do make it a challenge for folks. Usually they make something with cheese and I have to disappoint them by saying I can't eat that either.

    1. That's fine for vegetarians but not vegans, ditto with eggs. I've learned the fine art of tofu and veggies and spices. I have a few bean recipes that will do the trick as well. I have a good Mexican recipe made with rice and beans. I grate the cheese and set it to the side. Those that want it use it.

      There are also some good pasta dishes I've experimented with and have gone over good. My issue is creating something with good flavor. I don't like blah and vegan dishes don't have to be. It's a matter of learning how to make the food rich and satisfying. Food is something we should enjoy.

      My vegan guests have also been generous with recipes and tips and that helps.

    2. I don't know much about it, but even I knew you couldn't eat cheese. I actually don't know any vegans or vegetarians personally, so I haven't had the problem of finding foods they can eat.

    3. Two thirds of the world's population is vegetarian, and most of it is made flavorful by spices and seasonings. Just takes a little experimenting in the kitchen!

  7. Loved the pictures, especially the cat. I'd love to be able to capture my black cat in the sunlight like that. How many shots did you take before you got that one? Thanks for the recipe. I may try it as it looked good and healthy.

    1. I'm guessing Diane is in bet and I will be soon. It is a lovely picture isn't it. Thanks for dropping by

  8. Loved your post, Diane. I also love animals but I do draw the line at those bright yellow spiders!

    1. I'm not to in to spiders myself.

  9. That moth picture is incredible. I so want a macro lens!! Great shots Diane. You are a talented photographer and writer.

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  11. Recipe looks delicious, Diane. I know a bunch of people who are vegan for the same reasons you are, and I respect and admire that decision!

  12. Trish, but the spiders are so pretty.

    Thank you, Lynn. I actually took the moth photo with a point & shoot.

    Thank you, Laura.

    Thank you again, Jo.

    1. Enjoyed having you Diane. Was an interesting post and a complete contrast to mine.