Monday, September 6, 2010

Die in Paris, Electronics, HowtoGeek.

Happy Labour Day to everyone who is celebrating.

Die in Paris Some of you may follow French Marilyn’s Blog (see link on this page) she has now published a book which is available at Barnes and Noble It is also available at on page 4 of the following link. Die in Paris by Marilyn Z. Tomlins is a true story about a somewhat horrific murderer in Paris during the Second World War. People went to him for help and ended up dead. I hope you will all read it. I wish her every success.

Yesterday I sorted out all the cables I need to take with me on vacation. There are power cords for the cell phone, my Palm and the laptop then cables for the camera plus headphones for the laptop (if needed). I’m like a walking electronics store. I also take data stix with me in case I need them and I need to pack my cordless mouse as well, although I would use the mouse pad if I am travelling.

I am now taking another newsletter HowtoGeek and there was a link to Windows 7 themes where you can download a set of pictures which will then work as your wallpaper and also as a screen saver. I tried wolves first and found the pictures a bit dark. I am now running the horses theme.

I saw a recipe on Good Morning America today for flank steak. I have been seeing a lot of recipes for flank steak lately and yet I never see it available in the stores. I used to cook it regularly in the UK many years ago although I have forgotten the recipe which used to be one of my mother’s. I know it involved lots of spring/green onions. When we are in the Carolinas I will have a look and see if I can find flank steak there.

For some reason yesterday, I suddenly remembered a little recipe I picked up off TV some years ago. It was a kind of banana chocolate ice cream and very simple to make. I looked for this recipe on my Living Cookbook programme but couldn’t find it. I then decided to try and put my original cookbook programme on the laptop, Micro Kitchen Companion, which is the best cookbook software I ever had, but I didn’t think it would work; damn me it does. It will not run on the desktop which has a 64 bit version of Win7, but on the 32 bit it works better than it did when I had Win XP. I am so pleased.

Banana Chocolate Ice Cream

4 bananasBanana Chocolate

3 Tbs (or to taste) cocoa or chocolate powder, unsweetened

Freeze the bananas. Remove from the freezer and allow to thaw until slightly soft on the outside. Chop up and put in the food processor with the cocoa and blender until a smooth creamy consistency. Either serve straight away or refreeze for a harder ice cream.

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  1. Thank you, Jo!

    Flank steak has become popular here. It can be a bit stringy though. Now that I am no longer vegetarian, I've been buying it quite often because it is not fatty.

    I know about all the cords that must be taken when one leaves home, even for just a day or two. Many hotels do not want one to go on-line in the room. It was like that at the one where I stayed in London last month.

  2. Can't spell my own surname ... Tomlins with an S!

  3. Its different in the States, they mostly have free wifi but if not there is a cable connection in one's bedroom. One hotel we stayed in in Canada had free wifi in one area, but you had to pay for a cable connection. In the States I have never had to pay.

    Wish I could find flank steak here, will check it out in the States.