Wednesday, August 19, 2020

PSW, Stress Test, Toothache, Soup,

David criticized me for fussing about the PSWs, but Tuesday morning one came at 7 and Matt would NOT get up. Neither for her or for me. Said he had had a bad night! I don't really think so and anyway he sleeps a lot during the day. I have been assured they will come at 9 tomorrow. We shall see.

Wednesday I have this "stress test" which takes 3 hours. I have now been told I must not drink even decaf coffee for 12 hours before. I can have a light breakfast and take a snack, for after, It's called a Persantine Cardiolite Scan and I will be slightly radioactive after it. If one was travelling by plane, they would give you a certificate to pass you through the check point.

Before he went into hospital Matt complained of toothache. I told his nurse. Tonight he is complaining again so obviously they didn't do anything for him. I just emailed a local dentist and asked if they could assist me.

Ladydog brought me some leeks from the Mennonite stand and I have finally managed to deal with them, boy were they filthy, and chop them up for soup which I am, of course, making in the Instant Pot. Supper is now ready for Wed. night.

I don't actually have a slow cooker any more, I gave it away, but one can use an Instant Pot as a slow cooker. Actually, don't see why I couldn't do this in the Instant Pot anyway.

Slow cooker Spanish chicken

1 Spanish onion halved and sliced
12 large bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed
225 g pack chorizo picante, thickly sliced
3 pack pack fmixed colour peppers, cut into chunks
150 g (drained weight) pitted Spanish pimento stuffed green olives
300 ml dry white wine (serve the rest of the bottle with the meal)
300 ml chicken stock
1 Tbs tomato purée

1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan. Fry 1 sliced Spanish onion for about 5 mins until golden.

2. Tip into the slow cooker pot (we used a 6.5-litre model), then fry 12 large bone-in skinless chicken thighs and 225g thickly sliced chorizo picante in the same pan until starting to colour – you will need to do this in two batches.

3. Add to the slow cooker with 3 mixed colour peppers, cut into chunks and 150g pitted Spanish pimento stuffed green olives.

4. Tip 300ml dry white wine, 300ml chicken stock and 1 tbsp tomato purée into the pan.

5. Scrape up any bits stuck to the bottom, then tip into the slow cooker, cover and cook on Low for 6 hrs.

Servings: Source: BBC Good Food.

Have a great day, stay well, stay safe.


  1. I do hope Matt's toothache can be sorted. I think it is one of the worst types of pain.
    Good luck with the Stress test. Normally when they restrict food and drink they restrict it all - I have never heard of a limitation just on coffee.
    My grumpy self would be hanging out for a regular schedule with the PSW's. A schedule which you and Matt could work around.

    1. I gave him some painkillers Sue and then he seemed to forget about it. I have tried to get in touch with the dentist. No time this morning.
      I am dying for a cup of coffee right now LOL.
      I think I am getting a regular schedule again, one of my previous regulars is coming in at 9 as usual. Right, now got to shower before he comes.

  2. I hope all goes well with the stress test. Who is this David and why would he criticize you? I hope there is nothing wrong with Matt's teeth because it might be a hassle to have Matt stay in the dentist's chair

    1. Yes it was OK Birgit except for the time factor. 5 hours instead of 3. I wonder if he will accept being at the dentists or not. He has mentioned his "bad tooth" in the last day or two.

    2. Forgot to answer about David. He is a friend from Waterloo, and it wasn't a severe criticism but he was advising me to be reasonable. I'm not. He writes a blog specifically about birding although he does add other things.

  3. I am hoping your test went okay. Never heard of anyone having that one before. Matt acts like a two-year old it seems. You must have lots of patience.

    1. Took a lot longer than they told me, I wasn't too happy with that. I am surprised, this is the third of 4th time I have had this test.

      Unfortunately no, I am not patient enough Denise. He can't help it.