Friday, August 9, 2019

Cramps, Our Day with Lisa and Geoffrey.

For some unknown reason I had a lousy night last night, cramps. I did all the things I have been told to do and have found worked over the years, including pickle juice, but nothing seemed to do the trick with the result I didn't get more than a few hours sleep.

When I got up I phoned the garage and they said they couldn't take the car til 2 p.m. Eventually we arranged Lisa and Geoffrey would follow us to the garage and then we would head out to lunch and check back in with the garage later. Meanwhile Lisa and hubby had checked out of their hotel when they suddenly realised they had left a very important item behind in the hotel. Luckily the staff found it OK and we called in there to collect it much to Lisa's relief. We then headed to Mandarin.

I am delighted to say they were as pleased with Mandarin as we are and thoroughly enjoyed their lunch. Not that anyone had as many desserts as Matt. At least Geoffrey had some of  the delicious mussels they always have.

Got back into their car and I phoned the garage. He reckoned maybe another half hour or a bit but wouldn't say what the bit was likely to be. Turned out they had to replace a brake rotor which was under warranty and a rear brake caliper. Another $180 to the Meineke store (You load 16 tons). However, we sat in Lisa and Geoffrey's car until it was ready which was really nice of them to sit and wait. By this time, they felt it was getting on and a tad late to drive back down to Niagara so they re-booked at the Radisson for the night. We were very grateful for their help and for waiting with us. Finally got the car back and went  to our apartment. I invited them to come to supper and they said they would be back later.

I had already made some Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken so didn't have a lot to do but having discovered that chocolate doesn't like Lisa, I had to throw a dessert together. Geoffrey had bought a bottle of wine earlier so we decided to have that with dinner. I still didn't take any pix. Their little dog Boney (Bonaparte) really seemed to like our apartment, particularly the carpet, they have wooden floors where they are now. Pictures got taken with Boney but once again, they took all the pix. I was sorry to see them leave and as it turns out Geoffrey is as big a nut about asparagus as I am and he will probably be available then, they might try and come back next May/June.

As I am worn out, there won't be a recipe tonight, sorry. Hopefully I can sleep OK tonight.

Have a great day


  1. Sleep well Jo - nothing worse than not sleeping through the night, says me at 2.30am .. brain working overtime!

    1. Sleepless nights are the pits Fil, no matter what the reason. Hope you managed to get some sleep in the end.