Saturday, August 31, 2019

Care, IP Adjustments,

I'm a bit gobsmacked at the moment, I contacted a company that help caregivers and was told I would be expected to have them twice a week for a minimum 3 hour visit. They charge hourly at $33 an hour. They must be joking. Or at least in my case. That would mean my bowling would cost me $211 a week. I thought these places were supposed to help not bleed us dry.

Friday night I cooked the Shrimp and Asparagus Linguine which I posted yesterday. I adapted it and
cooked it in the Instant Pot. I started by cooking the asparagus in chicken broth. I then saved that broth, topped it up to make a cup again and turned on the IP. I sautéed the peppers and garlic and added some basil (only had dried). I then added the broth together with the pasta. Turned on the Pressure Cooker for 9 minutes. I did a quick release then added the shrimp and hot sauce, turning the Sauté function on again. Once the shrimp was just about done I added the cooked asparagus pieces and served it. Delicious and the juices were worth either using a spoon for or getting some crusty bread. I went to the Victoria St. Market to get the peppers, they were very expensive, cost me over $34. Well, yes, I did buy Bienstich and Dobos Torte, some bananas, a cob of fresh corn and so on. I was thinking of buying some sirloin steak which looked really good, but didn't. Now I am thinking about going back tomorrow (Saturday).

Think ladydog and Zoey are coming over at lunchtime today, hope so.

Have a great weekend/


  1. Wow that is a lot of money! A bit unreasonable I think. Really, who but the very rich could afford something like that?


    1. Even if you are very rich Betty, I think it is something of a rip off anyway. However, as I am not very rich, that's out of my league.

  2. I googled and the average in the US is about $19 an hour for home care. Between gas prices and home care, maybe you should move across the border. NOT!

  3. That's expensive. It's similar here though. Our current government is very keen on privatisation and out-sourcing but all that seems to be doing is providing business opportunities at the expense of those who need the services.