Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Shopping, Mandarin, Kelp

Riddlesworth Hall
I always hated shopping but my mother loved it. I remember being dragged from store to store to find things. We were looking for a party dress for me one time. We found one I liked but it was too expensive according to  my mother. I don't remember how many other stores we went to trying to find something else and then ended up back at the same store buying the one I liked in the first place. I can never understand people who go from store to store trying to find things at a lesser price, they must spend a fortune on gas. To me, and others I know, shopping on line is perfect. Mind you, even there I don't shop - I find what I want and buy it, I never think to hunt around and compare prices etc. I recently had a lesson in that from the friend who is buying me my Instant Pot. She searched all over the place to find what we both wanted. I went to one store and would have settled for something less if she hadn't found the right item for me. In England when I was at school, we mostly wore school uniforms, I always did. One school I went to, Riddlesworth Hall, had very extensive and expensive uniforms but they were all sold by one store in London so we never had to traipse around.

Enjoyed our Tuesday lunch at Mandarin.  Had a few more dumplings. Going again on March 1,
dumplings should still be around then. I also had some of  their mussels. I don't know where they get such huge mussels, never seen any as big and juicy. Had some Kelp salad too, I love that stuff. Good for you too I believe. Full of all kinds of health benefits - they make a salad of it, I should try making it at home because we don't go to the Mandarin every week. I know I can buy kelp at a local Korean store so all I need is a recipe.

So here is a Sichuan recipe. Sichuan food is not necessarily spicy I learnt from Confucious was a Foodie, but this one is.. Will have to go to the Korean store, not been there for a while as it's on King St. the road I have been complaining about because they have put train lines right down it and really made a screw up of the total road system.

Kelp Salad

Easy kelp salad with a spicy, sweet and sour taste.

200 g fresh kelp or soaked dried kelp
2 Tbs light soy sauce
1 Tbs black vinegar
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1-2 Thai peppers, cut into small pieces
2 scallions, finely chopped
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
3 Tbs vegetable cooking oil

1. Roll the kelp up and cut the kelp into thin shreds.

2. Then wash the kelp in cold water for 1 or 2 times to remove extra saltness.

3. Bring a large pot of water until boiling and then place shredded kelp in and cook for 2 minutes. Transfer out and drain.

4. Add light soy sauce, vinegar, chopped scallion, chopped chili peppers and chopped garlic. Heat Chinese cooking oil until hot and then pour the hot oil over the chopped garlic. Mix well.

5. Add some coriander.

Servings: 2

Source: China Sichuan Food

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  1. My mother was a pro shopper. She could spend whole days in stores. As a kid, I'd wait in the car for hours. I'd never be allowed to keep the keys, so no radio. I'd have a notebook or a book to keep me company. No wonder I hate shopping now.

    And online comparison shopping is so easy. If you have google, just put in what you're searching for and click shopping and it shows you all the stores with all the items at what price. That's how I found a certain Grandma Dragon sweatshirt. I accidentally found it in a tee, but wanted it in the warmer version since winter was coming. Put what I wanted in the search bar and google did the rest!

    1. I think mine was getting to pro status Liz. But I was never left in the car, thank goodness.

      I didn't know about the comparison shopping although I have seen notes at the top of the screen quoting better prices for stuff. Will have to check that out. Love my sweat.

  2. Hi Jo - I suspect my mother and I follow the same pattern - not happy shopping - so if I see something I buy it, otherwise I forget about clothes and that I've continued on. Glad you can continue to get your dumplings ... enjoy - cheers Hilary

    1. Funny isn't it Hilary, none of us seem to enjoy shopping. Your mom was unusual for her generation I think.

      Yup, one more dumpling session coming up. Just as well, it is not diet food LOL

  3. We're about to set forth for Gatwick airport en route to Malaysia and Singapore so will overdose on oriental food - such a multicultural society there.

    David is one for shopping around (online) and always searches out cashback deals - I can't be bothered - life's too short! Suex

    1. Oooh yummy Sue. You do get around a lot the pair of you.

      Yeah I'm the same as you. Do NOT understand these women who drive around from store to store although maybe these days they do it online.

  4. You sound like my husband about shopping! And of course I like to take my time and really shop around, lol. That school looks amazing, the building I mean. Hope it was a good school. I went to a summer camp in England once in Tewkesbury and it too, was a grand mansion. A boy's school during the school year. I loved it. I think it's now a boarding school for kids with Dyslexia and other learning disorders.

    1. Not me thanks Lisa. Don't mind grocery shopping except can't walk much any more. The building was pretty amazing. Beautifully decorated despite being full of young girls, 11 yrs down. Princess Di went there several years later than I of course.