Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Drilling, Superintendents, Bowling, Classical Stretch

I was asked, the other day, what time the builders start drilling. The answer is - shortly after 8 a.m. and then they appear to take a break around 10 and then one for lunch. Presumably they do 2 hr stints after lunch but we were out shopping. One woman told my husband this morning that she had been without a balcony for 14 months. I would have been protesting loudly if that had been us.

Our new supers have started work and I met Dave this afternoon - Tuesday. Unfortunately, his wife Debbie's dad is dying so she isn't around at the moment. Not too far away apparently, in the next town. Sad for her though. He seems a nice guy. Bit younger than the last couple.

We have just been watching Miranda Esmonde White who has designed a gentle exercise class which I very much believe in. I watched her a while back but didn't do anything about it. Tonight I decided to order the Beginners Classical Stretch DVD and see what happens. I kind of hope Matt will try them, but I don't think he will somehow.

I want everyone to keep everything crossed for our bowling team today. Sorry if you find walking or typing difficult, but we need all the luck we can get to remain in first place.

No recipe today, not seen anything that particularly appealed to me and it is now bedtime so I am neglecting my blog tonight.

And then I forgot to post.

Have a great day


  1. Replies
    1. Frustratingly we lost by one point Alex.

  2. That is too bad you lost the bowling by one point. Glad to hear the new manager seems nice; always helps when renting if they are.


    1. Thanks Betty, we were very disappointed obviously.

      Yup, the super is very important.

  3. Good luck to your bowling team!!!!