Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Asparagus soupI’ve got some asparagus, I’ve got some asparagus. Actually having brought it home, I made some soup from Mrs. Barrie’s recipe and we had it for supper last night, delicious. We plan to eat some with supper tomorrow, not sure how much I have left, may have to shoot over to Cambridge again quite soon. Because it rained heavens hard last night, the asparagus was quite dirty so needed a damned good wash before using. Now I can munch my way merrily through May. I also picked up some asparagus for a friend who is a lover of the food like me, but had never heard of Barrie’s Asparagus Farm and Country Market in Cambridge. I forgot, I also picked up a jar of pickled asparagus as well, love that stuff too.

Last night I watched an old film called Point Break with Patrick Swayze and KeanuChinese Dragon Reeves. I think I have watched it before, its not a bad movie and I was quite enjoying it until Matt came back into the room and started pointing out what was wrong. I could murder him when he does that. He won’t let them get away with anything. I am quite happy to suspend belief. Talking of which, the night before, I watched The Dragon Pearl which I loved – well with a dragon in it, what do you expect, it was a good dragon too, Chinese, so not like the ones we normally see in movies, no wings. I guess they fly by magic. I was fascinated with the filming of this one.

50thWe have a 50th Anniversary to go to this afternoon. This is the third 50th in not too long a time. In these days of marriages breaking up so soon, it is nice to know that some of us can manage a marriage of a decent length. Not that we can talk, this is our second marriage, but this time its lasted 40 years as I mentioned the other day. Reminds me of the old Cockney song “We’ve been together now for 40 years an’ it don’t seem a day too much, there ain’t a lady living in the land as I ‘d swap for my dear ol’ Dutch”, if you want to hear it, you can click on the link. Didn’t remember there was so much of it.

I have been deluged with recipes for Cinco de Mayo this last week or two, including some for Margaritas of which I am quite fond. I don’t often drink them, certainly very rarely at home, although we have a little bottle of tequila which came attached to something else. Maybe I will drink it today, Matt doesn’t enjoy them.

Frozen Margaritas
Source: Food.comMargarita


Servings: 4
6 ounces frozen limeade concentrate
6 ounces tequila
2 ounces triple sec


  1. Fill blender with crushed ice.
  2. Add three ingredients and blend till thick.
Have a great weekend


  1. I would like a frozen margarita, not wild about the regular margarita, I like the strawberry margarita.
    50th Anniversary, huh.....would that be our mutual friends who also vacation in NC?
    Love ya'll,

    1. No Dottie, they celebrated a couple of years or so ago. This is people we know through bowling.

      Never had a strawberry margarita, remember having strawberry daquiris though, they were good.

  2. May we have the recipe for that Asparagus soup? :)

    1. Sure, I have posted an extra blog with the soup recipe.