Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aches and Pains, Movies,

Not a whole heap of interesting stuff going on in our lives at the moment. Matt started physiotherapy for his back yesterday and now is walking around like a cripple. I hope and pray this will improve. He also has had some more shaking episodes but as nobody seems to know why this happens, or to care much either, he just pops a pill and hopes for the best!!! There was a woman bowling on Monday who was obviously in major pain in her hip/thigh area. I asked her about it and all she is doing is taking Tylenol arthritis. She's nuts, I told her to get something from the doc (we take Mobicox) and if that doesn't do the trick to get a hip replacement. People are reluctant to do that, I understand why if you have never had one, but really, they take a little while to recuperate but after that, you are as good as new. This woman looked so bad, it hurt me to watch her, personally I wouldn't have been bowling anyway (not that I was from the look of my score). At the crack of dawn (well it is to me) I had to go down to the lab to get my regular bloodwork done for diabetes. I got there at 6:25 a.m and there were already two guys in front of me. It was raining and miserable and I was not looking forward to standing there for half an hour or so before the doors opened. However, got chatting to No. 2 in the line and told him I wasn't good at standing, so checking with No. 4 that it was OK, he suggested I go sit in the car. I was very grateful. Talking of bowling, we watched The Next Karate Kid last night, in which there were a bunch of Japanese monks who went 10 pin bowling and through prayer and concentration got a strike every time. They were teaching those around them how to do the same thing. It was quite funny. I enjoyed the movie, it starred Pat Morita who was also the teacher in the first Karate Kid (which I see they have re-made and is being released on Friday) and Hilary Swank as the student. He didn't get away with the wax on wax off trick with Hilary Swank. I have always remembered that from the first movie. I also downloaded Avatar onto my laptop which I might well buy if I enjoy the movie as much as everyone says. Yes I know, I should have seen it in 3D but I didn't. I have since heard some health concerns voiced about 3D so maybe its just as well I didn't. If this blog looks a trifle disjointed, its because I am trying out new things with - there are all kinds of ways one can add links and advertising. I find Amazon very efficient, if you order something from them it appears to arrive in next to no time. Having downloaded the movie several times from iTunes to find it didn't run properly each time no matter what, I finally ordered Stardust from Amazon yesterday and it is already on its way to me. Excellent service. Went over to Barrie's Bros. again yesterday for an asparagus refill. Getting to the end of the season, but they stay open all year these days. They are already selling strawberries. I didn't get any but I do need some for Saturday, didn't figure they would last though. It seems, from checking, they sell all kinds of fresh vegetables too, I hadn't realised that. I also hadn't registered that most of their stuff is gluten free which is useful for people who are allergic to it. Everything they sell is organic and as far as possible local, although I guess there is no-one in Ontario who grows coffee beans, LOL. I introduced Matt to Tim Barrie yesterday, the place is so busy I never get to talk to him much any more which is a pity for me, great for him. Plus a lot of their products are being sold in other stores, I know of one local to me which is carrying their salsa and probably their asparagus, I'm not sure. I came across the following salad recipe in Joe Barkson's World Wide Recipes yesterday and as I liked the look of it, I saved it and may well serve it on Saturday. I much prefer seedless cucumbers although I am not quite sure why they are called that. They certainly have seeds but not like the cucumbers most often used here which have large and often inedible seeds and need to be peeled. Pear, Cucumber, and Walnut Salad 2 ripe pears (variety of your choice) 2 cucumbers (I am assuming just 1 English or seedless, cucumber and no peeling) 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped in large pieces Small bunch Italian flat-leaf parsley 1/4 cup basic vinaigrette dressing 1. Remove core and stem from pears and cut into bite-size pieces. Peel cucumbers and slice in half lengthwise. Scoop seeds out with a spoon and discard. Slice cucumber into 1/4-inch (1/2 cm) slices. In a bowl combine the pears, cucumbers, walnuts, leaves of Italian parsley, and the vinaigrette, gently tossing to mix the ingredients Servings: 6 Source: WW Recipes Have a great day


  1. Hi Jo,

    I see we are both diabetics. I sure feel for your husband's pain. Not fun. Avatar was great in 3D, but our favorite was the super big screen, now that was something.


  2. I just never got a chance to see it at the movies.

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