Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bowling, Cooking, Shopping and Shoes

Much to my considerable surprise, after missing 4 of our bowling sessions, I actually had a good game yesterday and bowled well above my average. Long may it continue. Mind you shortly after we got home I started staggering around like an old cripple, my bowling muscles were protesting their lack of use and my legs felt terrible, not to mention my lower back. I used my treadmill on Thursday, but I guess that wasn’t enough. After all I have been as weak as a kitten for the last two weeks and not done much of anything, unless you count coughing my lungs inside out as exercise LOL.

Thinking we were not actually going to get to bowling today, because of the car repair, I thought I would dVidalia Chop Wizardo a bit of cooking. I started by chopping four onions with my Vidalia Chop Wizard. I love that gadget, makes life so easy. Its one draw back is cleaning the lid. Most of the onion is now in the freezer along with some green peppers. I then made chicken curry enough for three meals for us; all in the freezer and made a start on kedgeree (my father’s recipe) for supper. Then the repair shop phoned to say the car was ready so I had to revise all my plans. Oh well, we still had kedgeree for supper last night – it was good; long time since we had it and we both enjoyed it. I just wish I could buy some really decent smoked haddock. The stuff I used were skinny little fillets which I bought frozen. There are not many reasons I miss living in the UK, but things like really good smoked haddock and top quality kippers are two of them.

A segment on GMA today said there is a new study in Thailand which says shopping is good for you, not necessarily buying, but shopping itself. Especially for older people. Basically what they mean is its good for seniors to get out of the house for a bit of exercise and some social interaction. It does not mean you can go shopping and buying to your heart’s content. Very unfeminine of me, but I have never been interested in shopping for clothes, when I have to do so I am in and out of the store as quickly as possible, I hate clothes buying. I have never been a fashion plate and as Matt was saying, we don’t know why people feel the necessity to buy new clothes every five minutes.

Talking of clothes there was another segment on shoes, Christian Louboutin which, with their Louboutintrademark red soles, can cost anything up to $800 or even more. The red sole is his trademark and Yves St. Laurent have now copied it so he is suing them for $1 million. This reminds me of some females in a Jean M. Auel book who painted the soles of their feet red and were then known as being freely available for sex. Knowing Jean M. Auel, that was probably based on research she had done. By the way, the first time Louboutin did this, he used nail polish, so there you are ladies, just get your brightest nail polish out, paint the soles of your shoes and everyone will think you are wearing top quality merchanidse.

A friend sent me a great quote this morning:

Quote of the day…

From Jimmy Fallon . . . referring to Prince William's bachelor party:

"It's gotta be weird stuffing money into a stripper's bikini when every bill has a photo of your grandmother printed on it."

This recipe for Kedgeree is a very simple one my father used for many years and which I used regularly until I came to North America where smoked haddock is difficult to obtain. One can use salmon, but the taste, in my opinion, is just not as good. I didn’t think to take a picture and none of them look as pretty as mine with its mimosa like coating of egg yolk, but this is the nearest. If you Google Kedgeree, you will find many more complicated recipes, some adding curry and so on, but this is easy to make and delicious to eat.


Per Person

1/2 cup cooked riceKedgeree

1 fillet smoked haddock - cooked

1 hard cooked egg


In a non stick pan add butter to the cooked rice and stir to well incorporated. I like lots of butter, but these days try not to add as much because of health considerations. Then flake the haddock and add to the pan, mixing rice and fish together. Plate the fish. Meanwhile slice the hard cooked egg and remove the yolk. Decorate the rice with sliced egg white and sieve the yolk over the top. Serve immediately. It looks very pretty with the sieved egg yolk.

Have a great weekend


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