Monday, December 16, 2019

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Friday I watched a video on U-Tube by Six Sisters and they were doing freezer breakfasts which they could use for their kids (or themselves) in a hurry. I guess I mulled about it overnight and Saturday morning I took a Ramekin, sprayed it with Pam, added an egg, tore up a slice of ham and added some habanero cheese. I shoved it in the air fryer at 400°F for about 4 minutes and had a delicious breakfast (Ramekin was too hot to handle but I could tip it out). This is what they did just for your interest.

Hmm, I made it again Sunday morning and made a proper mess of it, but it worked beautifully on Saturday.

Not much doing over the weekend. I am a tad annoyed with the Post Office. I was supposed to get my earrings on Friday, now it looks like I will receive the parcel, along with some others, on Monday, assuredly whilst we are at the bowling alley. That means that Tuesday I will be running around to pick up my parcels. Grrrr.

One thing, a friend from bowling came to try and fix up my TV and VCR now I have the proper cable. Guess what, he tried everything and it didn't work. He then showed me channels where I can get free, or inexpensive, movies. I never knew. However, when I tried getting them later on in the evening, the one I wanted, which he found for $3.99 I could only get by joining a service at $20 a month. No thank you. Don't know what I was doing wrong but something.

My favourite Snow Pic
We ran out of bananas on Saturday (I eat them for cramps as much as anything) and I went to Victoria St. Market on Sunday morning. Got there just before 11 and they weren't open. Boy was it ever cold, the wind was really blowing. Sat in the car for a while until they opened the doors, dashed in and got my bananas. Only extra I got was some Brussels Sprouts. Quite proud of myself. Commented to the cashier, he said I must have kept my head down LOL.

Forgot to mention, it snowed all day on Saturday. However, by the evening the roads were clear, even the side streets were only slightly icy. The park outside our windows is white as the driven snow, oh, it is the driven snow.

I recently bought some Italian seasoning and then just discovered a recipe for it in Closet Cooking. I have all these herbs anyway so I think, in future, I will make my own. Herbs are expensive enough and I always have these on hand. Of course if you add some of the things in the Options, it will no longer be Italian Seasoning.

Italian Seasoning

A quick, easy and tasty Italian seasoning blend or spice mix!

2 Tbs dried oregano
2 Tbs dried basil
1 Tbs dried rosemary
1 Tbs dried thyme
1 Tbs dried marjoram
1 Tbs dried sage

1. Mix everything

Yield: 8 tablespoons

Source: Closet Cooking

Option: Change the amounts of the herbs to taste!

Option: Add parsley, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, black pepper, etc.

Have a great day


  1. I am having similar difficulties with the post office. I supposedly was getting a parcel delivered today (and stayed in). It is after 5pm and it is not here. And of course I have to go out tomorrow.
    Snow? Jealous thoughts.
    Very jealous thoughts. Most of this week we will nudge or exceed 100F, and it is still smoky and windy.

    1. It's a nuisance isn't it Sue? I guess they can't help it at this time of year, but even so.

      Wish I could send you some of our wind and snow. 100F sounds horrible to me. I am not that great with the heat at any time and certainly not when breathing is difficult.

  2. Thanks to Amazon's deal with the post office to deliver packages on Sunday, we've been getting regular mail on Sunday as well.

    1. I wish we had Alex. Not that I checked mind you. Maybe I should do so later.

  3. My son has a devil of a time with his mail service in New York. They won't leave packages larger than the little mail box, even though he's told them to leave it in the hallway- he trusts his neighbors and the building is secure. Instead, they take them back to the post office and it closes at 4:30 and he never gets off work before 6:00.

    1. Much the same happens here Liz. Luckily I can get to the post office during it's opening times. But yesterday I had notice on line that my earrings had been delivered. Not to me. Gotta phone Canada Post in a minute. They open at 9.