Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Good Book, Bowling, Scammers,

Er, sorry, I forgot. Monday night just about to go to bed and realised I hadn't written a blog for Tuesday. You will have to blame Mercedes Lackey, I was enjoying one of her stories so much, I forgot what the time was and that I hadn't written a blog. Which book you ask? From a High Tower, it is one of her Elemetal stories based on well know fairy tales, this one is based on the story of Rapunzel, but very loosely. I think it is one of the best ones of the series. I have never come across a Mercedes Lackey book that I haven't enjoyed mind you. She is an excellent author and has written a ton of very good stories, most famous being the Valdemar series. So, not my fault really.

Monday bowling was pretty dreadful, not only that, we were the only two of our team there, one member had apparently just lost his father and the other had bowled ahead, but not up to his average by any means. Matt and I had one good game a piece but that was it. Our hard won 5th place will be history I'm afraid.

By the way, can you believe I got another phone call from the scammers on Monday. You'd think they got the message or maybe they thought I could still be conned. Got more phone calls on Tuesday too. One right after another.

Had a phone call today which the id told me was the Rising Dough Bakery, I answered said "The
Christimas puddings are here". She had no idea what I had said, when she did she figured I was psychic. Didn't seem to get it how I had figured it out. Like I get calls from the bakery daily!!! We decided to shoot over there straight away and got the pud, a mince pie, some scones and some Cornish Pasties. Expensive trip. Then, I needed honey, same district. We headed off to the farm only to find one road leading there is shut for 2 years. Horrors, I will have to find out how else to get there before Asparagus comes into season.

I had just finished supper and went on line to look for a recipe, this one made me want to try it right away. If you are entertaining at Christmas and need something for your guests to snack on, this looks like a perfect choice.

Tortellini Skewers

4 Tbs olive oil
2 Tbs jarred pesto
2 tsp red wine vinegar
2 packages spinach tortellini, cooked and cooled
2 pints cherry tomatoes
12 oz fresh Mozzarella, cubed
¼ cup fresh parsley, minced

1. Mix together the olive oil, pesto and vinegar in a bowl.

2. On small skewers, thread 1 tortellini, 1 cherry tomato and 1 mozzarella cube per skewer. Lay the skewers on a platter and lightly drizzle the dressing over

3. Serve immediately or refrigerate. Sprinkle on the minced parsley just before serving.

Servings: 18

Author: Ree Drummond

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  1. Don't even get me started on road closures. The main road passing my sub is the official detour for a two-year road project and drivers will not even let anyone in or out of the sub. Never had a Christmas pudding but that looks delicious. Can't say the same for mincemeat pie. Got a new scam email this morning from someone I've had no contact with for ten years telling me to open the link to access some 'Dropbox' pictures. Right. I'll get right on it. Too bad these scammers can't find a real job.

  2. That's a pain Denise. It seems our whole town is torn up round here as they are putting in an LRT system. But they seem to be tearing it up everywhere else as well plus in the next town over and so on.

    I love Christmas pudding but they are extremely rich especially served with rum butter sauce. Yum. Mincemeat pie served with cream again, yum. It is a pain about scammers. I keep getting calls from the same bunch.

  3. I almost tagged you in a recipe on Facebook yesterday but I wasn't sure if you'd like being tagged. It was a delicious spinach/cheese dip. That's funny about the bakery thinking you were psychic. Remember the days before caller ID. How did we survive? Scammers are scum.Tell them you've reported them.

    1. No problem Pinky. I do an artichoke/cheese dip which is good.

      You are so right about called ID. But in the old days we didn't get so many damned scammers.

  4. The bakery never calls me.
    The skewers sound tasty.

    1. Well you do have to order something Alex!!

      I thought so.