Thursday, January 29, 2015

Travel League, Medical.

Today is our Travel League and we are having lunch at Angel’s 5 PinDiner, a restaurant chain (not sure if they are in the States) and then bowling at Victoria Bowl which isn’t that far from us although not as close as Towne Bowl where we normally go. Jim from Towne said say hi to the owner, I assured him I have never met the owner in all the times we have been there. Not a bit like town when we know both the owners, their wives and kids. A very nice family. It is also a very nice bowling alley.

surgeonAs you know, Matt had a bone scan on Friday. We were told the surgeon would have the results in the afternoon. Wednesday I called the office and was told he hasn’t seen them yet because he has been in the hospital all week and wouldn’t be in the office til Friday. Well, after all he is a surgeon I suppose. I can’t say we are very happy about it though.

This recipe looks absolutely delicious. I don’t suppose I will ever make it for just Matt and I. I might get adventurous for dinner guests one day though. On second thoughts, now I have seen the calorie count……. I have added it in tiny figures in case you don’t want to know. I just followed the link below but it turns out it is a place to purchase this Bacon Explosion. I couldn’t find any pictures. I then explored further and found the following link which shows how this should be made. Actually it makes some pretty interesting reading and some of the comments are hilarious.

Bacon Explosion!

By Sharlene~W on February 01, 2009

Servings: 8

About This Recipe

"My husband sent me this recipe with a note reading, "You know I HAVE to make this." It is quickly making the internet and tv rounds and I saw it the next day on Good Morning America. It is from the BBQ Addicts website. You can see photos of the process at I posted for your Superbowl eating pleasure (but you may not want to see the calorie count)."  (944.9)


    • 2 lbs thick cut bacon
    • 2 lbs Italian sausage
    • 3/4 cup barbecue sauce ( your favourite)
    • 3 tablespoons barbecue seasoning ( your favourite rub, recommended Bad Byron's Butt Rub, Rendezvous Famous Seasoning, or Steven Raichlen)


  1. To kick off the construction of this pork medley you’ll need to create a 5x5 bacon weave. If the strips you’re using aren’t wide enough to span 5x5 inches, then you may need to use a few extra slices to fill out the pattern. Just make sure your weave is tight and that you end up with a nice square shape to work with.
  2. The next step is to add some barbecue seasoning on top of your bacon weave. (BBQ Addict recommends Bad Byron's Butt Rub, Rendezvous Famous Seasoning, or Steven Raichlen's All-Purpose Rub).
  3. Now that you’re pork is well seasoned, it’s time to add more pork. Take two pounds of Italian sausage and layer it directly on top of your bacon weave. Be sure to press the sausage to the outer edges of the bacon creating a patty that is the same thickness all the way across. Most grocery stores carry loose sausage, so just pick out one you like.
  4. Next up is bacon layer number two. Take the remaining bacon slices and fry them up the same way you would for breakfast. If you like soft bacon, make it soft. If you like crunchy bacon, make it crunchy.
  5. Since this is a barbecue recipe, we need to add another layer of barbecue flavour. Take your favourite sauce and drizzle it all over the top of the bacon pieces. (BBQ Addict recommends Burnt Finger BBQ’s homemade competition sauce). Once you’ve sauced the bacon, sprinkle on some more of the barbecue seasoning you used on the bacon weave.
  6. Very carefully separate the front edge of the sausage layer from the bacon weave and begin rolling backwards. You want to include all layers EXCEPT the bacon weave in your roll. Try and keep the sausage as tight as possible and be sure to release any air pockets that may have formed. Once the sausage is fully rolled up, pinch together the seams and ends to seal all of the bacon goodness inside.
  7. At this point we can start to see the final shape of our Bacon Explosion, but we’re missing one key item. To complete the construction process, roll the sausage forward completely wrapping it in the bacon weave. Make sure it sits with the seam facing downward to help keep it all sealed up.
  8. Sprinkle some barbecue seasoning on the outside of the bacon weave, and now it is ready for the smoker. Cook your Bacon Explosion at 225°F in a constant cloud of hickory smoke until your meat thermometer gives an internal temperature reading of 165°F Normally this will take about 1 hour for each inch of thickness, but that could vary depending on how well you maintain your fire and also how many times you open the smoker to take a peek. BBQ Addict recommends 2.5 hours, for a roll 2.5 inches in diameter.
  9. Now that the Bacon Explosion is fully cooked, you need to add some finishing flavours. Remember that barbecue sauce you used for inner flavour? You'll be using that same sauce to glaze the cooked bacon weave. Using a basting brush, coat the entire surface with a thin layer of sauce. Sweet sauces are loaded with sugars, so they’ll give your fatty a nice glossy finish. Spicy and vinegar based sauces don’t contain as much, so they won’t set up as well. If you’re dead set on using those sauces, just cut them with a bit of honey and you’ll get the same effect.
  10. Slice the Bacon Explosion into quarter to half inch rounds to serve. If your roll was good and tight, you should now see a nice bacon pinwheel pattern throughout the sausage.
  11. Obviously pork is best served by itself, but if you feel the need to make this meat monster into a sandwich, BBQ Addict recommends placing a couple Bacon Explosion slices on a warm Pillsbury’s Grands Biscuit.
Have a great day


  1. I really don't like it when the medical profession puts you on hold like that. It's like they expect you to be on time and show up for your appts, or else risk a cancelation fee, but they have no problem canceling last minute or not following through when they are supposed to. One of my friends who is a breast cancer survivor has had a mammogram rescheduled countless times. You would think she would be a priority. And this is the famous Duke University Hospital no less.

    1. It does seem to be a problem. I am surprised it's a problem at Duke though.

  2. Sorry you guys are still waiting for results.
    Yeah, that's what I imagined the calorie count to be. Won't be making that dish anytime soon.

    1. Thanks Alex.

      It's a pity the calories are so high it is probably delicious.

  3. I feel so bad for you and Matt. It stinks to be in pain and just keep having to wait and wait. Grr.

    I;m not even attempting that recipe! Don't need the calories right now. But it looks delicious!

  4. In this digital age it's really not good enough. The only thing I can say to you is if there was something badly wrong they usually put a red flag on it and Matt would be rushed through the system. But it's unacceptable he's in pain for all this time.

    1. He was supposed to have had the scan results last Friday afternoon. I assume you are right, they would have flagged it. He is a lot better than he was thank goodness.

  5. Surgeons are never home. I don't know of any Angel's Diner here.

    I like the sound of the bacon explosion, but wow! maybe make small circular slices for a larger crowd.

    1. Well, I suppose they need to operate, that's what they are all about isn't it? Angel's are OK but not much more.

      Very small I think. A lot of calories otherwise.

  6. I hope Matt gets the results of the scan real soon. Shouldn't have to wait that long. I'm not even telling my hubby about the recipe. He'd probably want me to make it.

    1. No he shouldn't.

      I bet it tastes good though.

  7. The waiting bit, would be hard for me, I think. Hope everything turns out okay.

    1. Thanks Ivy, will be on the phone again tomorrow.