Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bowling, License Office, Underpass.

Monday bowling as usual. Matt had a good day and scored very well, yours truly did NOT. This week I got strikes, but I didn’t turn them into good scores afterwards. I seem to be getting worse and worse at the moment, I shall have to some serious re-thinking about the way I bowl.

Tuesday afternoon we drove to where Matt has to go for his senior driver’s license interview so that he knew exactly where it was. I had researched it on Google Maps so it was relatively easy to locate especially as I had used the photo version. It’s actually a fair distance from here so he will have to leave around 8:15 a.m. to be there for 9. When driving we used the new underpass they have built to accommoWeber St. Underpassdate the new rail lines they are installing. There are four pillars which we have noticed because the ones we see regularly have a design of a shoe on one and a jacket on the other. Today we discovered that the other side of the underpass there is a chair and a suitcase. I discovered that in fact these are designs cut into the metal of the pillars. What they are, what they represent, I have no idea and I am not sure where I would go to find out. Puzzling. Of course being a dummy as usual I did not hArtists concept Weber St.ave a camera nor even my tablet. So I’ve found some pix. The first shows the underpass open but not finished by any means. The second shows an artist’s concept of how it will be. The White tops to the posts are what I was talking about and I now think from what I have just read, they are supposed to be lamps. Not been there at night so don’t know.

I have never eaten empanadas, but they look, to me, very much like Cornish Pasties. Anyway, Kraft has, today, sent out a whole bunch of recipes for them and this one sounded tasty. It’s got bacon in it for a start.

Bacon, Poblano and Cheese Mini Empanadas

Bacon, Poblano & Cheese Mini Empanadas recipe 

Kraft Kitchens 



12 servings

What You Need

4 slices  OSCAR MAYER Bacon, chopped
1 small  onion, chopped
2 cloves  garlic, minced
2 roasted poblano chiles, peeled, seeded, deveined and chopped
3/4 cup  KRAFT Finely Shredded Colby & Monterey Jack Cheeses
1 sheet  frozen puff pastry (1/2 of 17.3-oz. pkg.), thawed
1 egg, beaten

Make It

COOK and stir bacon in medium skillet on medium heat 5 min.; drain. Add onions and garlic; cook and stir 4 min. or until bacon is crisp; drain. Stir in chiles; cool.
HEAT oven to 400°F. Roll out pastry on lightly floured surface to 11-inch square; cut into 12 smaller squares. Brush edges lightly with egg. Spoon about 1 Tbsp. bacon mixture onto center of each square; fold diagonally in half. Press gently on tops to remove excess air; seal edges with fork. Bend slightly to resemble half moons. Make small cut in top of each to vent steam. Place on parchment-covered baking sheet; brush with remaining egg.
BAKE 20 min. or until golden brown.

Kraft Kitchens Tips

Make Ahead
Bacon mixture can be cooked ahead of time. Cool, then refrigerate up to 2 days before using as directed.
How to Thaw the Puff Pastry
Thaw the puff pastry as directed on package before using as directed.
Have a great day


  1. I hope you can relax and have a good time bowling. I am definitely a Google map user. Are Poblanos hot? If not, I can try this one this coming week. Take care, Jo.

    1. I hope so too Dixie. Yes, Poblanos are hot.

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't they? I think I might call the local paper and see if they know anything about it.

  3. Empanadas are delicious! They are quite popular in Mexico and they come in many flavors. Sweet and salty. I highly recommend them! Glad to hear Matt is bowling and he is doing well. Dragon Hugs!

    1. These looked pretty good. They do have similar things in Europe which is where I guess Mexico got them. He is bowling, but he isn't doing that well health wise. Muchos abrazos querido dragon

  4. Sounds like your city has a law about incorporating art into all public works projects. I've heard of empanadas but I was never really sure what they were!

    1. Maybe, but if so I've never heard of it before.

      Me neither JoJo

  5. My husband uses his GPS system but ironically it broke down when we were on holidays. It sounds as though Matt is feeling better with his hip :)

    1. We don't have one in the car although I do have one on my laptop and so if a major trip or something, we can use it.

      As for feeling better, yes, better than he was, but still in pain.

  6. The Empanadas looked so good, unfortunately I am battling GERD and cannot east any of the ingredients, but I can make them for my husband who can. My will power will improve as I make foods for him and I will still enjoy cooking. So sorry your hubby is still in pain. Just saw a good movie, "The Imitation Game." You both might like it.

    1. Sorry about the GERD Natasha, have you looked into pills. I take Tecta which has helped me terrifically. I couldn't drink caffeine coffee, but I can now, occasionally. Ask your doctor about it.

      Will check our that movie.

  7. Ah, sounds like they're beautifying the new structures. I've seen some like that. I love empanadas and there are so many yummy variations. Appreciated the recipe.

    When is Matt seeing the surgeon again? Poor guy. I hope he'll get this taken care of soon and be back to his usual activities and with a smile.

    Take care of yourself as, Jo.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    1. Funny sort of beautifying. Phoned local paper, they are going to investigate. Will have to try the empanadas.

      No idea, surgeon is busy this week apparently. We have to wait.

      Thanks Sia.