Friday, May 30, 2014

Jeopardy, Taxes, Melanomas,

Julia CollinsAs you know, we love to watch Jeopardy. We are particularly enjoying the programme at the moment as there is a Champion, Julia Collins, who has now beaten everyone, other than Ken Jennings (74 games), with the amount of programmes she has won 19 at the time of writing. She has also picked up $410,000 odd in this time frame which the American government will be delighted to tax her on. To me this is totally wrong. Neither Canada nor Britain tax you on winnings, I don’t think the States should either. Of course you know the government will listen to me. Matt and I are both rooting for her.

Chatting to people at the bowling alley and we all agreed that the Canadian government shouldn’t tax pensions. When you think about it, we work all our lives, pay taxes in order to provide some of the money for pensions and then they turn round and tax us again. Meanwhile politicians get pensions which make ours look like chump change, and don’t talk to me about sports people.

I read that skin cancer is on the rise in Canada because people are either too lazy or not sensible enough to use sun tan lotiotanningns. Skin cancer melanomas can kill and people are stupid to take the risk. That being said, Matt has had skin cancer and was told never to sunbathe without lotions, guess what, he takes no notice whatsoever. Generally they are saying vanity and a blasé attitude are behind the rise as well as the fact that we bare more skin than previous generations. I am lucky because I use various creams every day which all contain an SPF factor. Also in my opinion a lot of people stay in the sun too long as well. We do tan in short bursts, about half an hour at the beginning and then a bit longer as our tans build up. Not that we ever spend very long any more. Kind of get less interested in sunbathing when you get older, or we did.

Another goodie. Think I would be more generous with the asparagus, but then that’s me.

Asparagus Beef Roll-Ups
Source: dLife
 Asparagus Beef Rollups
Easy to prepare appetizer of roast beef and asparagus rolled in a tortilla with a creamy spread.

Makes 48 pieces

2 tbsp  Cream, whipping, heavy 
2 tbsp  sour cream
3 tsp  horseradish 
1/4 tsp  fresh lemon peel
1/4 tsp  salt
1 pinch black pepper
4 each Tortilla, flour, 6.5"
1/4 lb  sliced roast beef, deli meat, Italian style
4 each asparagus spears

  1. Using electric beaters, whip cream until soft peaks are formed; gently fold in sour cream, horseradish, lemon peel, salt, and pepper.
  2. Spoon 2 teaspoons of cream mixture onto each tortilla and top with 1 slice of beef and the rest of the cream mixture. Arrange 1 asparagus on each tortilla and roll up. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for at least 2 hours. Cut into 1/2 inch pieces.
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  1. I'd have to actually go outside to get any sun first. I'm hoping pale skin is the new in.

    1. You should relax a bit sometimes. Pale does go with your hair colour though.

  2. I just generally avoid the sun as much as possible. I enjoyed living in Washington State b/c it was so cool and cloudy that no one was tanned, although there were tons and tons of tanning salons.

    1. Trouble is, the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, bar none. Actually you can get tanned with cloudy skies, you have to be even more careful because you don't feel the heat. Never been in a tanning salon.

  3. Pensions shouldn't be taxed! I absolutely agree. North Queensland is the melanoma capital of the world, so I've read, and I've had a skin cancer lasered out of my face. I'm always scolding my daughter for her sunbathing habits. We Nth Queenslanders are a weathered, leathery looking lot.

    1. Definitely. Matt had cancer excised from his lower lip. Trouble is it wasn't as dangerous when we were young, or we didn't know it was.

  4. I am taxed on my pension in Michigan and again by the Feds. The Feds also tax my Social Security that I PAID FOR! Our Governor says that we seniors are a 'drain' on the government and must pay for the services we receive. Since they spend most of the money they get on prisons and education, I still can't figure out what my benefits are.

    1. It's frustrating isn't it? Nice governor, guess he will be losing a lot of votes next time around. I know what you mean about benefits.

  5. Twenty in a row for Julia!

    My stepfather died from melanoma, and it was the worst death I think I've witnessed. The poor man was in agony the whole time. And it wasn't as though he spent all that much time in the sun His doctor told him that it could have been a sunburn from when he was a kid, so it's really important to wear the sunscreen.

    1. It was a close one tonight though wasn't it?

      Sorry to hear about your stepfather, poor man. Certainly as kids we didn't bother very much with sun screen.