Friday, December 17, 2010

Damned Teeth,

Back to the saga of my poor, aching teeth. Having arisen before the cock crowed on Thursday, I visited the dentist and got the partner who turned out to be a female dentist and very nice even though she would not extract until I had taken a course of antibiotics and stopped my blood thinner for three days, the upshot being nothing doing til next Thursday – I do hope I will be able to eat on Christmas Day.

When we went to pick up the mail, there was a note to go to the Post Office to collect a parcel. Presumably they had called whilst we were out, how annoying. It was my sugar free Christmas cake and cookies which I can’t eat at the moment anyway. I am living on soup and eggs, etc. I also discovered I  have put on weight which really isn’t fair because I haven’t eaten much at all.

Anyway, I am not really up to blogging at the moment, sorry everyone. I can’t even think straight as I am doped to the eyebrows with pain killers and antibiotics. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great day.



  1. What a time for getting toothache. I just hope that the aching tooth will be seen to asap.

  2. Trouble is its not just one tooth, but two on either side of my mouth so the whole bottom jaw is in major pain. Having the teeth removed 2 days before Christmas is a great idea!!!!!!

  3. Oh, Jo, no fun this. I had an infection spread to my jaw--from an ear infection of all things--and can tell you the pain in the whole jaw was horrid. Two days before Christmas? No, that would be awful too, but I guess if it takes away all the pain in the jaw it's worth it. Timing sucks, as usual.

    Feel better sweetie!

  4. I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist on the 22nd. Therefore, I can say that our bodies know no Cmas.

  5. How very true Marilyn, a few years ago I had to have a tooth pulled on Christmas Eve (I was flying to the UK on Christmas day) which was NOT fun either.