Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tournament, Barrie Bros., Oil, Lena and Barbara,

Probably there will be no blog from me tomorrow as I have to leave early to get to Oshawa (about 2 hrs drive) for my bowling tournament. I have to check in at 10 a.m. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Mind you, if I bowl anything like I did yesterday I might as well not bother going although I have been told the lunch is very good. Long way to go for lunch though, right?
Barrie Bros. farm suffered from the frost the other night, however, when we went over yesterday, I bought some very nice asparagus. I was thinking of getting some rhubarb too, but didn’t. Just as well as I don’t really have time to cook it this week. There are other things they sell which I have been wanting to try, but somehow I don’t get round to it. Apparently on Mother’s Day they had customers up the kazoo which is great for them, but not so good for the customers, they had one hell of a line up apparently. Glad I didn’t try going there.

Going back to bowling, we were setting our averages yesterday so I guess I will have given myself a good start with about 130. That’s pretty low for me. I was kidding everyone I was doing it on purpose. I don’t know what happens when one bowls so badly. I have seen some of the pros do dumb things, so I am not the only one to mess up.

Apparently the companies with connections to the Mexican Gulf oil disaster are now arguing about who's fault it is. Right now, who cares, get it fixed. You can aportion blame later. The American government is busy drafting new safety laws for drilling platforms, stop wasting time, you can do that later too, move heaven and earth to get the leak plugged. Something just reminded me of the Great Barrier Reef oil spill, I have never heard what happened to that, but unlike this Gulf situation, that was one vessel, this is a whole bloody oil field pouring into the gulf.Apparently Barbara Walters who is one of the US's top interviewers is about to have a heart operation. They are now sending out warnings to women to look after your heart and pay attention, but then we are told that we don't have the same symptoms as men but anything I have read seems not to be definitive about what constitutes heart attack conditions in a woman. One reads about fatigue, dizziness, similar things, but these are things that can and do happen frequently anyway. How on earth do you tell? Apparently the problem Barbara Walters is suffering from requires a routine operation and they mentioned that Robin Williams had had the same operation. It is replacement of the aortic valve in the heart which I gather tends to atrophy somewhat during normal living so that in later life it doesn't work as well as it did pumping blood to the whole body.

I didn't mention the death of Lena Horne this weekend either, she was one of Matt's favourites he thought she was a wonderful woman and a good looker right to the end. She certainly lived through some of the worst times of prejudice when, as said in a biography last night, she could sing in the top hotels but she couldn't sleep in them. She was 92 when she died.

Oriental Asparagus and Beef Asparagusrecipes.net 1 tablespoon of Fermented black beans, (Chinese). 1 ½ lb Asparagus, diagonally sliced. (In ½-inch pieces) 1 x Garlic clove. ¼ cup of Oil. 2 cups of Boiling water. ½ cup of Chicken stock. ½ teaspoon of Sugar. 1 ½ teaspoon of Salt. 1 tablespoon of Water. 1 tablespoon of Cornstarch.

Firstly soak the black beans in warm water a few minutes before draining and mashing them with garlic clove. Drop the asparagus into boiling water and continue to boil for 2 minutes, drain off water immediately. Next heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok or skillet until very hot. Add the beef steak, stir quickly and remove from pan. Pour in the remaining oil to skillet and heat, then add the bean mixture which was made earlier and stir over high heat for a few seconds. Add salt and asparagus. Stir-fry for 1 minute then add the chicken stock, cover and cook for 2 minutes. Mix the cornstarch, sugar and water and stir into meat mixture until sauce is smooth and thick. Add the beef and blend quickly.

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