Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bowling, Girl’s Night Out, Barrie’s,

Yesterday saw the final fling of our winter bowling league. We played three games a couple of which were basically fun games like the last one which is bingo. We have a sheet listing various pin combinations and the team has to try and get them. We were so close again this year but we just couldn’t get the last one no matter how we tried. Very frustrating. We then had our prize giving and Matt and I picked up quite a bit of moolah between us. The caterers were somewhat late but eventually they arrived and we had been told in which order we could go up. The people who were last decided to go and help themselves to desserts, I am not sure what part of last they couldn’t understand. By the time we got there, there was no longer much choice. Next Monday we start our summer league which lasts for 10 weeks and then there is a break. There usually aren’t very many in the summer league, people go away of course and a lot of the bowlers are also golfers. Matt is not sure if he will be able to golf this year and I gave up the game quite a few years ago.

Just about got home and had a call from a girlfriend – she is going to be in town tomorrow and suggested an early dinner. Also suggested I call another friend to join us. I did and she is coming, Matt is not joining us. I was agonising about where we were going to eat and then this morning Matt said “why not go down the road” meaning Howl at the Moon. Clever man. They serve pretty good food there and it is not overly pricey. Actually they make some very good soups and much as I tried, I could NOT get the recipe for one I particularly liked. They gave me a second bowlful to compensate.

I didn’t mention, we were given a couple of items from Barrie Bros. farm on Saturday, some asparagus pasta and a Mason Jar of their soup. Its actually the soup base and you add to it. It is actually the same soup I have already in the freezer, different storage. We tried the pasta, plain except for a bit of butter. I’m afraid neither of us could taste the asparagus in it. I was quite disappointed. We also got to try the wheat crackers they sell and I thought they tasted good. No they are not asparagus flavoured. One thing I really want to try is pickled asparagus, too much involved in doing it oneself and I don’t have all the gear to do any canning (bottling) any more. Its not the cheapest thing they sell, but maybe I will treat myself from my winnings.

A new recipe site for Asparagus, but no pictures so I found this one from Tasteofhome.com The recipe seems pretty simple though. Getting good crab might be a problem depending where you live. If you buy canned crab, be sure to pick it over well to check for bits of shell.

Asparagus and Crab Quiche

Asparagus Recipes.net

1 cup of chopped cooked crab meatAsparagus and Crab Quiche 1 x 8" pastry case. 4 oz Parmesan cheese. 1 ¾ cup of Milk. 3 x beaten Eggs. 10 x Asparagus spears. Nutmeg, salt and cayenne pepper to taste.

Instructions for Asparagus and Crab Quiche:

Sprinkle the crab meat in bottom of pastry case. Cut asparagus spears into half-inch slices and scatter over top of the crab. Sprinkle the parmesan cheese over asparagus and crab. Beat eggs and mix with the milk, season to taste with nutmeg, cayenne pepper and salt. Pour the mixture into the pastry case. Bake in preheated hot oven for about 45 minutes or until set. Leave to sit for around 15 minutes before serving.

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  1. Girls night out. Always fun. Why is bowling a winter game?

  2. Probably because a lot of people play summer or outside only, sports such as golf. Lawn bowling is outside of course.