Friday, December 24, 2010

Religion, Sugar Levels, Movie

Dunno why, particularly, but yesterday, in the shower, I started thinking about how much people complain because to be politically correct we are not supposed to say Merry Christmas, but Happy Holidays to ensure that other religions in our country are not offended by harping on a Christian festival. I was also of the same mind, we are a Christian country etc. etc. Then I got to thinking about it, when the white man first came here, the Indian or Inuit races were not Christian either and had to be “converted” by the ravaging white hordes. Apart from which we have a lot of different versions of what a Christian is, be it Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Baptist and so on and so on. All kinds of Christian religions are now accepted, but we expect everyone to conform to Christianity. Now we have other people being accepted into our communities who are not Christians (well of course the Jews have been among us forever) and who do not wish us to push Christianity down their throats at every turn. If we allow them to immigrate to our world, should we not also treat their religious beliefs with respect? OK I know there are fanatical Muslims out there causing all kinds of havoc, but fanatical Christians have done some extremely questionable things through the years, not least of which was the Spanish Auto da fé and the English crusades, have you read what the Christians did to the Saracens in those wars, absolutely horrific. Fanatics are not exclusive to any religious community and Christians have produced some of the worst in their time.

So whatever religion you follow, accept the Merry Christmas, the Happy Hannukah, the good wishes for Ramadan, or Kwanzaa and lets all practise religious tolerance.

Back to more mundane matters, I lost my two teeth yesterday, was totally numb in jaw, tongue and most of my lower face for several hours and then in some pain for several more. I bought myself some hot and sour soup from a local Chinese restaurant and ate that for supper then managed a couple of bits of chocolate later. Finally around bedtime I decided to check my blood sugars which were way too low for going to bed. I had to start stuffing myself with things like scrambled eggs, milk, cheese, orange juice and honey. It took me quite a while to bring my sugar levels back up to where they should be.

I watched a delightful movie last night called The Nativity. It was beautifully done, the story of Mary and Joseph starting a year before the birth of Jesus. I cannot find any information on the version I saw, but I really enjoyed it.

No recipe today, not feeling up to much at the moment, so I wish you a Happy Christmas Eve and I do hope you don’t have to go shopping today, its murder out there at the moment.


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