Friday, July 22, 2016

Padlock, Retirement Home, Kimbop,

The oddest thing. We leave our bowling bags, containing balls and shoes, in a locker at the alley. Today, Thursday, we went bowling as usual and Matt went to get the bags. He tried to insert the key into the padlock, it would not turn and unlock. I tried with my key, in case, and the same thing happened. We got the son to have a go as well as it involves a lot of bending. He couldn't get it to open either so in the end he produced some bolt cutters and we got our gear. But, we used the stuff on Wednesday and had no problem opening the padlock then. If that isn't odd, I don't know what is. We ended up bringing our bags home with us and trying to find a padlock in the grocery store (well they don't just sell groceries). We got one but think the hasp may be too big for the locker so will take it back and go to a proper hardware store for one. I did wonder if someone had tried to undo our padlock and by doing so, broken it somehow. Otherwise I have no explanation for it at all.

Didn't tell you, our league bowling was pretty good and we gained 5 of the possible 7 points so we are still in 8th spot. Only one point behind the 7th team. Our friend who broke her ankle came to cheer on the teams. It was nice she could make it. It's odd that, since starting the seminars on Stand Up to Falls, so many people I know have fallen and hurt themselves. One woman from exercise class has ended up in a senior's home, I don't suppose she is very pleased about that. Poor woman. I know a lot of the people in the class are worried in case their children insist they go into a senior's home. I don't understand how they are forced to do this but am very glad there is nobody to force us into such a place. We might well end up in a retirement home but it will be our choice whatever the reason be it health or simply age.

Late this afternoon we are going to the launching of a young friend's Kimbop business in which she is making Korean kimbap also known as gimbap, which are somewhat along the lines of sushi. I am not quite sure what the difference is but will no doubt find out later today. I certainly enjoy sushi and we have even made it ourselves in the past. Another foodie friend is going with us, actually she is picking us up, I thought she would be equally interested. I am not quite sure how Jinah Allen is going to handle her business and whether she will deliver orders to clients or what, but that too I will find out later. I know she is doing vegetarian, beef and crab. Oh, I have been exploring and it seems this business has been going for a while and Jinah will deliver or you can pick up. There is a blog about her business here and a description of what will be available this evening.

This vegetable dish appealed to me today.

Turkish-Style Braised Green Beans

6 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 medium onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 lb green beans, trimmed and cut in half widthwise
2 medium tomatoes, peeled, cored and chopped
1 Tbs sugar
1 tsp salt
Black pepper
¼ cup roughly chopped mint
Thick yogurt, for serving
Lemon wedges, for serving

1. In a large sauté pan or heavy pot, heat the oil over medium-high heat until hot but not smoking. Add the onions and stir occasionally, until softened, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and continue to cook, stirring frequently, 2 minutes.

2. Add the beans, tomatoes, 1 cup water, sugar, salt and pepper and bring just to a boil. Reduce heat to low, then cover and simmer until the beans are very tender, about 45 minutes.

3. Remove from heat, adjust the seasoning to taste and cool to room temperature, uncovered, about 45 minutes. Stir in the mint and serve, with thick yogurt and lemon wedges.

Servings: 4

Author: Sabra Krock for The New York Times

Author Notes
In this Turkish method, vegetables (and sometimes beans) are cooked in plenty of olive oil — usually with tomatoes, onions and one or two other ingredients — until they have almost lost their shape. Then they are cooled and served at room temperature, when their flavors are at their fullest. Very often an herb or citrus juice is added just before serving for a little spark; thick yogurt and lemon wedges are standard accompaniments.

It’s probably obvious that these dishes are pretty much ideal for warm-weather meals. They not only can be made in advance, but also must be, so they can cool down. Even a day or two ahead is fine; just take them out of the refrigerator about 45 minutes before serving.

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  1. That's really odd about the lock. It's like someone switched locks on you.

    1. Yes it is Diane. I never thought of that.

  2. That is strange. At least you'll have a new padlock you can rely on.

    1. Well the one that didn't work wasn't that old Helen. 18 months maybe. It's all very peculiar.

  3. Sometimes the inside of the padlock shifts and then the key won't work. That happened to me when I had my stuff moved east in a PODS unit. The jiggling/vibration on the ride across the country shook my padlock so much that when it was delivered, my key wouldn't open it. Had to call a locksmith to cut it off.

    As one with an elderly mother who I have never gotten along with and can barely stand 2 hours a week with, I have to say that there are some cases where kids cannot either move their parents in, or move in with them. It's not an option for me. So if her doctor says she can't live alone, she'll have some decisions to make cause I am not doing it. It's in everyone's best interests that I don't.

    1. I didn't know that could happen JoJo.

      It would have been the same for me but then my mother always swore she wouldn't live with us anyway.

  4. I love sushi, and I love Korean food, but I've never heard of kimbap, so I'm curious to see what differences you find.

    My mailbox lock is like that. A few months ago there were times when it just wouldn't open at all. Then the next time I would come back it would open instantly. Now suddenly it works without incident, but if you look at the key itself, it's twisted at a slight angle. So I don't know what happened to the lock itself, but now the only way I can open it is with this twisted key of mine. The wife's (straight) doesn't work at all.

    1. Regretfully, I didn't go. Started feeling unwell in the morning and just didn't feel like going anywhere. Didn't even make it to exercise class. I was very disappointed. Maybe I will order some later and see.

      That is even odder than our lock. Working OK for months, OK Wednesday, not working Thursday.

  5. I can only imagine children would want their parents to go into a retirement home if they were worried about them. Nobody can force them though. My parents are still very independent and will be for years. My father has more stamina than me. Have you thought about a combination lock?

    1. They seem to be able to force them here Pinky. I know one or two who didn't want to go into a home one little bit but ended up doing so.

      Used one once, but they are a bit of a pain I think. Key is much easier.

  6. Hope she does great on her business. Sounds yummy. Odd that, about the lockers. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. Yes, I don't know how folks are forced into it either. Though I do know someone that "talked" their moms into going. And once the lady went in, she started to decline and decline and decline. It was like, she gave up. I dunno the entire story though.

    Almost done working on the kitchen. I am THIS close to being able to rip out a cupboard that both Tim and I dislike. But not today. Before we do that, I want to make sure that we don't need it for something.

    Wow, apologies for the long comment. I just popped on for a second. Headed back to clean off the workbench and then, SHOWER!

    Happy Weekend :-)

    1. I hope she does too Ivy. Unfortunately we didn't go. I had gout!!! It was odd about the lockers. I think people who are "persuaded" to go into homes do tend to give up and decline.

      You really have been re-doing things. Your kitchen must be a different place now.

      Long comments are fine.

    2. I'm not sure what gout is but I'm sorry you had it. Terrible name for something, gout.

      Agree on the decline. Makes me sad that this is the way.

      Yes, the kitchen is also my office where I write food. But now, oh my gosh, so much better with less stuff. And to think, at one time, I thought I couldn't get rid of any kitchen stuff.

      Glad to be wrong.

    3. Gout is a form of arthritis caused by high uric acid in the body. Mostly associated with toes, especially the big toe. I have it in the littlest toe at the moment. I am on pills but maybe the dose needs increasing.

      I don't think I can get rid of any kitchen stuff I have.

    4. I asked Tim about it after I read your post. So sorry you have this. Ack!

    5. Never had much problem with it until recently. Lately it has been a real pain Ivy.