Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts on T’ai Chi Ch’uan,

Interesting, I took up T’ai Chi some 12 – 15 years T'ai Chiago and have always believed it is excellent for one’s health and balance and general wellbeing. Yesterday morning there was a report on the radio stating just that. In particular post menopausal women who went to a class three times a week for around 12 weeks showed great improvements. When I was studying regularly we used to hear lots of miraculous stories, one particular story was of a young man who was told he was dying. He took up T’ai Chi and became a top instructor (sifu). He lived to 80 and might perhaps have lasted many more years except , sadly, he was killed in a car accident going to pick up a pizza for his students. There are many such stories. Below is the exact text of the report I heard on the radio. Strictly speaking it should be called T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

A new University of Quebec study suggests doing T’ai Chi helps women counter the age related loss of muscle strength. The study involved post-menopausal women who took a 12 week T’ai Chi course, with sessions three times per week. It found that after 12 weeks the women had an eight percent (8%) improvement in their leg muscle strength and a seventeen percent (17%) improvement in balance. T’ai Chi is a slow meditative art developed in China centuries ago. People practice T’ai Chi for a variety of reasons, from health and relaxation to self defense. The findings were published by the journal Menopause last month (The Canadian Press).”

There are many schools of T’ai Chi, I personallyfan learned the Yang 24 form as a basic. I have also learned several other forms, less well perhaps. I did also learn fan for a while, but was never very good at it. Although I was pleased with my ability to toss an open fan in the air and catch it properly. No that’s not me, I wish!!!

By the time you read this I will be in the hospital and probably have already had my surgery. Keep your fingers crossed and have a great day.



  1. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well and you're not too sore after.

  2. We live so darn far from places that offer that. But I think the Army post offers some. I should check it out.

    Hope all goes well for your procedure, Jo.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  3. Thanks guys, finally got home at 8:40 p.m. Nothing to eat all day and I'm diabetic. Go figure. Feel shitty at the moment. Off to bed now.

  4. Hope it goes well with you, Jo. GET BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah'm back, not sure about my brain