Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday, Thanks, Angio-Seal, Berries.

Yesterday I spent the whole day feeling like a zombie. I assume from the anesthetic. I didn’t expect to have a general, only a local. I think I react more than most do. I was told I would have something to calm me, it calmed me right out of it. I felt like someone had inserted a thick blanket onto my brain.

Thanks to all the people who sent me best wishes for this operation, I really appreciate your thinking of me.

Apparently my surgery involved the use of an Angio-angiosealSeal which is something quite new to me and was certainly not used last time. The idea being, the surgical team doesn’t have to apply pressure for ages on the access site to stop the bleeding. The only thing, it says if the Seal is used the patient doesn’t have to lie flat for hours, so how come I did? Will have to ask about this. I have a card to carry for 90 days from which I assume the seal dissolves by the end of that time. Sorry, it says “absorbs”. I kind of read all the paperwork they gave me before but I am only now beginning to “absorb” the information.

Towers of MidnightI am now up to book 13 of the Wheel of Time Series, Towers of Midnight and once I have read this will have to possess my soul in patience until Brandon Sanderson finishes the last novel which is supposed to be published next year according to latest information. Bearing in mind how long this series has been running, there is a surprising amount that I remembered, on the other hand quite a lot that I had forgotten so it was nice to refresh my memory.

I had intended to accompany Matt to the doctor and then to Barrie’s Asparagus farm but I couldn’t hack it. Anyway, not only are we re-stocked with asparagus but we have our fstrawberriesirst strawberries. I can’t believe they have been available for a week or so and we haven’t had any. Matt got two punnets and they looked pretty good although the ones we saw in a country store last Friday when we were in Niagara were better looking. We added a dollop of Devon cream and made do with what we had!!! They were delicious and we have some more for tonight. I was saying to Matt, strawberries have such a short season that I personally don’t want them messed with, maybe Strawberries Romanoff, but other than that, you can keep all the other strawberry dishes people make, good ripe berries with Devon cream, what more could you want. I guess I mean what more could I want?

I decided to look for a recipe for Strawberries Romanoff and kept finding them with ice cream, no way, ice cream is not original at all. I am not sure how original this recipe is either. Whenever I have eaten this the strawberries have been folded into the whipped cream. This picture looks about right to me.


1 pint. strawberries, rinsed, hulled and halvedStrawberries Romanoff 1 tablespoon sugar curacao, cointreau or grand marnier, to taste 1 teaspoon grated orange zest 1 tablespoon orange juice, (up to 2) whipped cream, sweetened with confectioner's sugar

Combine the strawberries with all of the ingredients but the whipped cream.

Marinate at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours. Serve in wine glasses topped with whipped cream.

Serving Size: 2

Hope you have a great Father’s Day



  1. Glad you're feeling a bit more the thing now. I was thinking of you.

    Mmm, love fresh strawberries. I don't need anything special done to them, just munch and go. I do fix strawberry shortcake every year. And, in my opinion, Devon cream makes anything good, lolol!

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  2. I so agree with you about the cream Sia.