Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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I have been having a lot of migraine like auras lately, with my eyes going all swimmy if you understand what I mean, although I don't really get a headache. Its a bit of a worry when driving. So now I have to go for a CT Scan tomorrow at 9:40 in the morning. Horrors, I will have to get up early and will not be able to write my blog. In the afternoon I get new glasses. Busy day. At least it will prove I do have a brain which some people tend to doubt now and then.

We are doing well medically as Matt is going through a bunch of tests at the moment where he has to wear heart monitors for most of 24 hours once a week for about a month. All as a result of possible TIAs (minor strokes) of which he has had three. He has to take these gadgets back at 7:45 in the morning (the office is 10 miles away) so he has to really get up early, I shouldn't complain should I?

On a happier note, yesterday we went to my favourite asparagus farm, Barrie's, and loaded up on the green stuff. I also got myself some more rhubarb - just enough for me. We saw someone picking that yesterday and they don't use a machine like they do for the asparagus. I guess with only one acre of rhubarb they don't need one. I must talk to them about using a machine on the asparagus as I am curious. I grew asparagus in my garden in England (centuries ago) and you could only pick it for so long and then it had to be left to grow ferns some of which were male and some female. They would then cross pollinate. I therefore didn't cut every stalk, but how can you tell a machine to miss some stalks and not others. The fern is actually very pretty and some of it carried quite large red berries. I used to cheat and pick some of it for my flower arrangements. In those days I used to do very elaborate arrangements for my living room. Now I cheat at that too and have silk flowers.

Here is a very simple recipe from Paula Deen of TV fame. We went to her restaurant, Lady and Sons in Savannah and actually met her, years before she became known on TV here.

Asparagus Phyllo Bundles
Paula Deen

For one roll:
Phyllo - 1/2 sheet for 2 asparagus
2 stalks asparagus
Parmesan, grated

Brush phyllo with butter, sprinkle with Parmesan, place 2 asparagus in middle and roll. Place in baking dish, sprinkle more Parmesan and put in oven 375 F for 15 mins.

Have a great day.

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