Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Then I forgot to post this. Sorry..

It's getting on and I have been missing out on sleep lately so I'm off to  bed.

Just watched The Moonspinners with Hayley Mills and Joan Greenwood. Talk about a synthetic British accent, although I looked her up and she was born in England. I would have sworn it was a put on voice. Quite enjoyed the movie but not the best movie I have ever seen.

Busy day including lunch at the Red Lobster with ladydog. Brought home two slices of chocolate wave cake for Saturday. In the freezer right now. Then later had to go get groceries. I had ordered two boxes of single packets of instant oatmeal. What they had picked for me were two 2 Kg packets with enough oatmeal to feed a school.

So, sorry no proper blog and no recipe. Oh, that r eminds me, because it is in season I opted for a side of asparagus for which I paid $2.99 I ended up with a small amount of very skinny asparagus which looked more like grass. Awful stuff, won't do that again. Might write to the company about that, if that is what they are serving all over.

Anyway, good night and sleep tight.

Have a great day


  1. I hope you had a good night's sleep. Enjoy the cake on Saturday. What a shame about the asparagus

    1. I did and yes, Birgit, we will enjoy our cake. I am sure you are very sad about the asparagus, or are you sad for me LOL