Monday, June 17, 2019

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I know, these days, I don't use many pictures, but I fail to understand those food bloggers who post dozens of pictures of what they are cooking and some of them look the same anyway. I always end up skipping to the recipe anyway.

Saturday we had run out of bananas, I knew that before hand, and had thought about going "up the road" to the Victoria St. Market. I was also hungry for some steak and we didn't have any. Victoria St. have excellent beef. Eventually I got up off my lazy rear end and went there. Ended up with flank steak, sirloin steak, and tenderloin steak. I then ended up with two desserts and guess what, some  bananas. It really is a dangerous place to go. They have an excellent fish counter but I didn't do  more than glance its way. I figured I would have to take out a mortgage as it was. So, fillet for supper. It is Father's Day tomorrow so that's my excuse!

We were chatting to ladydog the other day about dogs and how useful they are at cleaning up dropped food especially if you have very young kids. I was thinking about it and remembering our last dog, quite a few years ago now. On a slightly different tack, we could open the fridge 100 times, she would take no notice, but the minute we went to get cheese she was right alongside. How she knew we never figured out. Another thing she used to do, we could give her a can of beer from the fridge and tell her who it was for and she would take it to them. Close friends of course.

This morning I got a call from the super saying there was an interior light on in the car and suggesting if the car started, I took it for a drive. I went down and checked it out. At first I couldn't see a light then when I got really close I did. It was the lights on the rearview mirror. I didn't even know it had lights on it. Then I had trouble turning them off. I have no idea how they got turned on in the first place. The car started fine, and whilst it was running, I had to check the handbook. One thing I found out, there is a safety feature built in which ensures that something like this doesn't drain the battery. I finally discovered how to turn off the lights. I took the car for a short drive just in case. I still can't figure out how these lights got turned on in the first place. I still have to get the emergency brake cable fitted too. Just don't feel like sitting in the garage whilst they do it. Gotta be done though.

This is one of my all time favourite recipes for asparagus.

Asparagus Phyllo Bundles

For one roll:

Phyllo - 1/2 sheet for 2 asparagus
2 stalks asparagus
Parmesan, grated

Brush phyllo with butter, sprinkle with Parmesan, place 2 asparagus in middle and roll. Place in baking dish, sprinkle more Parmesan and put in oven 375°F for 15 mins.

Yield: one roll:

Source: Paula Deen

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  1. I follow a couple of food bloggers and I agree about the pictures. I scroll down to the recipe and then Pin it on my Pinterest sit. Maybe it is so they can run more ads along the side?

    Rarely eat beef, but got a really good standing rib at Aldi's for Christmas.

    I know how my interior lights get turned on. It's called Charlie, lol. Love that the car has a feature to turn them off.

    1. Could be Denise. Standing rib is delicious.

      Nope, it didn't turn it off, but it somehow prevents such a light from draining the battery.

  2. LOL - love the story about the dog taking beer to the right person.

    My cats know the second I open their treat pouch. Unfortunately, opening the pouch of fish food sounds just the same, so every evening at 6:00, they come running to the fish tank.

    1. She was a great dog, Diane.

      How funny that they confuse the fish pouch with the treat pouch. What kind of fish do you have. We used to have four tanks in our house.

  3. What a smart dog you had. I bet you still miss her. Our cats just meow or swipe at my head when they are hungry

    1. We do both miss her Birgit. But I also miss the three Shepherds we had before that. Great dogs.