Thursday, July 9, 2015

Beef Soup, Bowling, Hot Chocolate.

I have beef bones and vegetables stewing on the stove from the rib roast we ate last weekend. We had the last of it tonight (Wed). This now means I have to rack my brains about supper tomorrow night. Not feeling up to much right now either so no enthusiasm at the moment.

However, I did bowl reasonably well today, two mediocre and one good game. Matt is still in his
slump I'm afraid. He will come out of it eventually, but..... It's been a lovely day though, not too hot or too humid and certainly not what we expect at this time of year. Not that I am complaining which I would be if it was really hot. Pets in cars should be OK. There were a lot of people absent from the alley today, at least two from sickness, don't know what happened to the other absentees. Our team is still lying third unfortunately. We were playing a top team today and didn't win a single point. None of us were bowling that well mind you.

Had my hot chocolate which, for some reason, only one person seems to make properly, and he is in holiday for the month. Not sure why, I don't like it with milk so I have stopped them doing that, basically they make it the same way, but it just doesn't taste quite the same. I have no idea why, all they do is open a packet and add hot water.

I love soup, I love noodles, I love prawns. What more could one want in such a recipe. I have linked the measurements to coversion tables in case you need them.

Thai prawn and peanut noodle soup

BBC Good Food


4 tbsp Thai green curry paste
3 tbsp smooth peanut butter
small pack coriander, stalks finely chopped, leaves picked
thumb-sized piece ginger, peeled and cut into fine matchsticks
4 kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded
2 x 400ml cans light coconut milk
850ml chicken stock (use fresh stock if you can)
3 tbsp soy sauce
juice 2 limes
2 tbsp fish sauce
4 small heads pak choi, halved or quartered through the stalk
300g pack raw, peeled king prawns
300g cooked rice noodles
1 red chilli, sliced (deseeded if you don't like it too hot)
4 tbsp roughly chopped dry roasted peanuts


1. Put the curry paste and peanut butter into a saucepan set over a medium heat, stir together to a smooth paste and sizzle for 1 min. Add the coriander stalks, ginger, lime leaves, coconut milk and stock. Bring to a simmer, then gently boil for 5 mins.

2. Add the soy, lime juice and fish sauce. Taste and adjust the seasoning with a little more soy if you feel it needs more salt, or more lime if you want it a little more sour. Add the pak choi and prawns, and cook for 1 min until the prawns are pink and the pak choi has wilted. Stir in the rice noodles and cook for 30 secs more. To serve, divide the pak choi, noodles and prawns between 4 large soup bowls. Pour over the soup and top with a handful of coriander leaves, the chilli slices and chopped peanuts.

Have a great day


  1. Tim gets drinks at our local bookstore and each girl makes his drink a wee bit different as well. It's not hot chocolate but still, something different about each one.

    1. Odd isn't it Ivy. I wonder why that happens.

    2. Not sure, but the girls that maje Tim's drink don't really follow a formula, per se. They wing it.

    3. All they do with the hot chocolate is open a packet and pour hot water on it. One person likes to add milk but I have stopped her doing that for me. But even without the milk hers isn't as good as her son's.

    4. That is so odd. But interesting.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling great but it's good you can still get to bowl. It helps to get out, I think.

    1. This not feeling well bit comes and goes Helen. Yesterday afternoon I had a sugar low which didn't help. No apparent reason.

  3. Thai food! Now you're talking.
    How can one screw up packaged hot chocolate? Adding too much water I guess.

    1. Yup, yummy stuff Alex.

      Damned if I know, they apparently make it the same way but.....

  4. I feel that I must disagree with you on the pets in cars. Even when it's 50 degrees outside, my car gets extremely hot, even with the windows down. I think a good rule of thumb is no pets in cars from April 1 to October 1.

    I've never made hot chocolate with milk that I can mom may have when I was a kid and you had to use the Hershey's powder in the tin. But packets I've always used hot water. But I like to add a splash of kahlua, a splash of vanilla coffeemate and perhaps a dollop of marshmallow fluff on top if I have it.

    1. I guess that depends where you live JoJo. but yes, I agree, a pretty good rule of thumb. Well in this part of the world anyway.

      Don't mind the Kahlua, but nothing else thanks. I don't like marshmallows much anyway. Maybe a dollop of whipped English cream.

  5. I don't like anyone else making my coffee except my husband or me. I use the same mug, the same spoon and insist the jug is emptied and filled with fresh water. The milk has to go in first and I only use raw sugar. I never drink coffee at work because everything is different and it tastes horrible. I drink tea when I go out usually. I understand the hot chocolate thing perfectly Jo.

    1. I'm not that fussy Pinky. It's just the chocolate. I discovered that the dad or grandfather can make a good cup of chocolate too. So I'm safe till the other guy comes back from holiday.